Destination Wedding Guide: Bali

Are you looking for an affordable yet exotic destination to tie the knot? Bali would be a perfect destination wedding for you and your partner! Bali, Indonesia brings unbelievable views with warm tropical climates, luxurious villas, beautiful chapels, natural riverbanks and shorelines that effortlessly surround the island. It’s also one of the few countries that is budget friendly and won’t leave you too out of pocket. 

If that doesn’t sell you already, here’s your guide on when, where and how to get married in Bali, Indonesia. 

When to have your destination Wedding in Bali? 

This would be any time between April and October, which is known as Bali’s “Dry Season.” During this time, the island sees low humidity, breezy winds, and picture-perfect sunsets; this is because the temperature is between the mid-20s and low-30s. To be more particular about the time of the ceremony, the ideal morning session is typically seen to occur between 10am and midday, this is when the natural light of Bali creates stunning wedding shots. Alternatively, if you desire a beautiful ‘golden hour’ ceremony for your wedding and want spectacular sunset views, 6.15pm to 7 pm is the perfect time for you!

Where to have your dream Bali Wedding?


Looking for silence and seclusion? Nusa Dua is renown for being in its own ‘Bali Bubble’ of beauty, cleanliness and luxury. Housing state-of-the-art hotels, relaxing spa’s and intimate beaches, you’re set to escape and unwind on Bali’s East Coast. Host your big day in this hotbed of splendor and secrecy at some of the worlds most affluent resorts.

With picturesque ocean views from all angles, The St. Regis Bali Resort has bespoke wedding possibilities. Built against the spectacular backdrop of the Indian Ocean, this exclusive resort delivers an unmatched combination of class and prestige. Famous for its Cloud Nine Chapel, luscious tropical gardens and shimmering beaches, this private oasis will satisfy all of your wedding desires. Exuding versatility, you’ll be able to watch this space transform from day to night. Find your fairy-tale location at The St. Regis Bali!

Another Nusa Dua favourite is, The Mulia. Bring your wedding fantasies to life in this perfect setting of glamour and romance. Being home to 3 stunning chapels, 2 elegant ballrooms and eight dining destinations, The Mulia offers various unique indoor and outdoor opportunities to create your idyllic bridal backdrop. Personalize every detail with the assistance of a dedicated team, helping you before and after you tie the knot.


Emerald hillsides, streaming waterfalls, and beautiful valleys can be a few ways to describe the Ubud District. If you’re dreaming of a tropical rainforest wedding, Ubud is perfect for you! If Ubuds inspiring beauty doesn’t already sell you, the subtle fusions of modern design and traditional cultures certainly will! 

The ultimate Ubud wedding experience can be encapsulated by The Royal Pita Maha, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Being a destination location for couples to celebrate the beginning of their shared destiny, this exquisite venue is the epitome of Bali beauty. With a team of professionals on-hand, you can seamlessly plan your big day and ensure that your wedding is nothing less than perfection.


South Kuta is the destination for you if you’re envisioning stunning coastal views and quite. Having a paradisical vibe, this coastline region is a prime location in the heart of Bali featuring stunning natural attractions, sun dappled shores and travel convenience. Escape the central Bali buzz and set the stage for your final vows in the South.

Say “I do” at sunset on the sweeping shorelines of Jimbaran Bay Beach at the Four Seasons. This luscious sanctuary showcases the vibrant spirit of the Balinese village life and accurately represents Indonesian culture through its art, entertainment and natural environment. The Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, is an ideal place to proclaim your love. The friendly team are willing to make all of your wedding wishes come true, whether that means walking on water with an over-sea wedding aisle or exchanging your vowels with white sand beneath your feet.

How to legally get married?

If you didn’t already know, the Indonesian Government mandates that all foreigners who want to be married legally in Bali must obtain a CNI (Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage). This letter is issued by an Indonesian Consulate Representative and states that there is no objection for you to get married in Indonesia. To issue this letter, both the Bride and the Groom must visit their countries Consulate and bring the required documentation for a legal marriage in Bali. If you’ve got all of this covered, you and your partner should have no problems tying the knot in your dream wedding destination!

Book your Bali Wedding today…

Bali is truly a magical blend of people, beauty and culture therefore making the perfect location for a destination wedding. Being a paradise on earth, Bali continues to impress its visitors through the amazing scenery and affordable luxury stays. Providing endless opportunities for all, Bali Indonesia has no limits!

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