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Inspired and well-known for her depiction of old Hollywood, Johanna Johnson is the queen of art deco glam. Her luxurious and delicate fabrics as well as exquisite and intricate beadwork makes her gowns lust worthy. And not even just for brides!

We sat down with Johanna in her Paddington studio to discuss upcoming trends, what inspires her and exactly what makes a perfect bride.

Tell us a little about your new collection and what inspired it.
The architecture of the Art Deco period, specifically my ‘Muse’ – New York City. Reminiscent of the silver screen age I was inspired by the combination of the building blocks of the 20’s and the 30’s and with the luxury fabrics and finishes of yesteryear. Embellished hand beaded designs, paneled silk gowns, detailed French laces, and reflective, metallic silhouettes make up this collection.

Describe the perfect bride in 3 words.
The perfect bride in 3 words – confident, open minded, loved.

Who is a celebrity you’d love to see wear one of your gowns? Why?
I would have loved the opportunity to dress Marilyn Monroe. She was the epitome of Hollywood glamour.

What do you think makes the perfect wedding gown?
A well-constructed, fitted garment made from the highest quality fabrics and finishes available, that is both true to the bride’s personality and extension of her personal day to day style.

You’re known for your A-line Art deco silk silhouette gowns. What advice would you give to girls who are afraid to wear this particular style from fear of having every lump and bump show up?
We make our silk bias cut gowns for clients of all shapes and sizes, from size 0 –20. There is a pre-conceived idea that a bias cut gown is unflattering or unforgiving, but this is not the case if the gown is made correctly. It is a true art form creating the perfect bias cut gown, for which we are proud to say we treasure. Our clients will testify to this, as do our Hollywood clientele.

What are your suggestions for caring for the fabric of your gown on the day of your dress? (I.e. accessories catching and pulling your dress, avoiding too many creases, etc.)
Firstly, enjoy your gown. Wear it with joy – almost everything comes out with a dry clean. Of course try and avoid any catching on the fabric with your accessories, but if your gown is made from high quality and natural fabrics the heat of the body will ensure any creases post car journeys etc will drop out quickly.

What are the bridal trends for 2015?
Bridal trends for 2015 as still very much an elegant, art deco silhouette, or a heavily embellished gown with a full skirt reminiscent of European Royalty.

What advice do you have for girls when selecting their headpiece? Are long veils still popular? Or do you think that modern headpieces such as combs and headbands have taken over?
Select a headpiece that frames your face and compliments the style of your gown, without competing with, or overshadowing your natural features.

A very fine silk tulle veil at a floor or cathedral length allows a bride to wear it as a veil, then also a fine wrap for the evening. An elegant vintage inspired accessory never goes out of fashion.

Three things I can’t live without are…
My family, my staff and my concealer. If I had a fourth it would be any of my leather leggings.

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