Dating Habits You Should Ditch Right Now

When looking for love, most men and women have a list of habits they want and don’t want in potential partners. While the absence of some good habits and the presence of bad traits can be negotiated, some habits are just total deal breakers.

Allow us to give you some insight; the market has become very cut-throat and so it’s important to give singles an alternative that is science-based and happiness-driven. Dating site eHarmony is the strongest player in that space and they’re focus is simple; establishing genuine connections with people.

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According to a eHarmony study, online dating in Australia has changed dramatically in the last three years with the introduction of free apps that has only given singles bad dating habits. These include a whopping 65% who date multiple people, 34% who string along others they aren’t even interested in, and an incredible 57% who simply ghost. For those of you who haven’t yet experienced it, ghosting is having someone that you believe ‘cares’ about you, then disappears from contact without any explanation at all. No phone call or email, not even a text!

These are some of the bad dating habits you should ditch right now in order to make your dating life a little more fabulous!

Are You a Dweller?

Look at each new date as an opportunity to a start fresh; and if you can’t, you may be stuck in the past. When meeting a potential partner, never hold them responsible for the sins of an ex. Try to share any concerns that derived from past relationships, then make a decision to give your date some trust. Just because you were failed before doesn’t mean it’ll happen again!

Are You Being Too Picky?

We get it; in our hearts, we want to be with someone who fits the description. The truth is, you might spend more time being single than in a relationship, and you’ll have a habit of finding a range of faults in prospective dates. Focus on making a rule for yourself where you won’t decide if you really like someone until you’ve had at least three or four dates. By giving potential partners more of a chance, you’ll also find that you start judging others less and actually enjoy dating more!

Are You ‘Too’ Available?

These things tend to happen; you meet that special someone, go out on a first date, and then the next night, you see each other again!  While we do agree that showing a little enthusiasm is normal, being ‘too’ available every day can damage a new relationship. You wouldn’t want your date to assume you have no social life at all; desperation is never a good look.

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