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As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. These days, a video would be worth a million.

For Life Studios, this is the case.

Based in Sydney and Vancouver, and working all across the world, Life Studios’ multi award-winning team of 40 cinematographers and photographers have perfected the art of creating stories for every unique wedding day – capturing special moments, big and small, to create a timeless memory for couples to relive.

“We always want to tell a story. Your story,” says Creative Director of Australia, Chris Mekhail. “We make sure that the videos we create represent the DNA of the two individuals and the couple. We find the little details that others would often miss and build on that to tell your story.”

It’s these little details that often lead to the greatest stories, the ones that feel the most organic. On a day full of smiles, excitement, and nerves, capturing those in between moments carries the most weight. For Chris, this moment is shooting the first look with the couple before the ceremony.

“I get the pleasure of prepping both the Bride and the Groom, getting them in the right head space – knowing they are about to see the person they’re going to spend the rest of their life with. No one else is around; we simply set the scene, step back and let the magic happen. It’s such a beautiful moment.”

“It’s not traditional, but it’s so raw and full of emotion.”

With a combined experience of 20 years, the team at Life Studios have seen it all and embraced the changing nature of cinematography – and the expectations of social media-savvy couples – as they arise.

“Gone are the days where the cinematographers just show up, hit record and follow the lead of the photographer. We have so much more technology at our fingertips. Along with our expertise in storytelling and film making, it allows us to tell better stories.”

With a finger on the pulse and undisputed expertise, Life Studios have been able to create wedding stories unlike any other. A 5-day pre-wedding shoot in picturesque Iceland was so successful that it was published by over 20 news publications worldwide, including The Huffington Post and The Daily Mail.

“We took a couple with a crew of 4 and a tour guide and flew across the world to shoot for 5 days in Iceland. The photos and videos were amazing; the couple were even interviewed on an episode of Inside Edition.”

Despite the awe-inspiring shoot opportunities and much-deserved praise, the team at Life Studios aims to create a comfortable experience for couples, from consultation to the final result, providing them with an exceptional experience that never compromises on quality or communication.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for advice,” says Chris. “There are no stupid questions. It’s okay to get help from the vendors that you’ve booked in. We’re here to support and help our couples wherever we can.”

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Life Studios are based in Surry Hills in Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada. For all enquires and to see some of their fantastic work, visit

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