Couples that Honeymoon with Friends. It’s More Common Than You Think

Do you think it’s strange when couples ask their friends to honeymoon with them?

OK Fairies, we’re veering into awkward land here and won’t hold back. Did you know this is becoming a thing: couples are inviting their friend/s along to their honeymoons, and it’s a lot more common than you think. It got us thinking: WHY OH WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! So we’ve decided to break it down into all the plausible reasons this could be happening to clear things up a little. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

So, there we have it Fairies, if you’re considering an entourage for your Honeymoon, at least try and put your partner first (and definitely check in with them before you let slip your group honeymoon idea on Whatsapp!

honeymooning with friends

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