Couples Are Ditching Traditional Wedding Cakes For This

Forget the standard Wedding cakes; it’s time to bring in something a little more exciting.

We’re talking all sorts of tiered desserts here (just not cakes) to truly wow the socks off your guests. For the Bride who loves to pull off the unique, get planning, because the options we’re about to show you are going to make you go more than a little excited!

Cinnamon Bun Towers

We can already taste the cinnamon goodness from behind our screens.

Via: Pinterest

Tiers of Cheese

A cheese board lovers dream.

Via: Pinterest

Pancake Stack

Just imagine pouring the maple syrup all over these bad boys. Excuse us while we head to the nearest Maccas for some hotcakes.

Via: Blair Schluter Photography

Layers of Cookies

Because nothing beats a good chocolate chip cookie, right?

Via: Pinterest

Macaron Tower

For a little French addition.

Via: Pinterest

Churro Cake

Maybe someone brings in a chocolate fountain to top it all off?

Via: Pinterest

Crepe Stack

Now that’s a stack we’d get excited for.

Via: Henry Photography

Oreo Bliss

Would it be too weird to serve shots of milk with this? Asking for a friend…

Via: Brealyn Nenes

The Pav Stack

An Aussie summer classic made just a little bit fancy.

Via: Pinterest

Pizza Cakes

Ooey-gooey cheese and perfect crusts. What more could you want?

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