It’s no secret women always want what they can’t have. If we have curly hair, we want straight hair. If we have brown eyes, we want blue eyes. The same goes with facial features. We all want plumper lips, a perkier nose, higher cheekbones or more structured jawline.

We have a magical little word for you. Contouring. A technique that used to be reserved for runway models and fancy photo shoots is now becoming part of many girls’ daily routines. So what is it, exactly?

We spoke with the King of contouring himself, internationally renowned make-up artist Samer Khouzami. He gave us the low down on this skilful trick of the trade.

What exactly is contouring?
Contouring is the art of shading and playing with light and shadow to create a three dimensional effect on the face. It can also correct and sculpt the shape of the face in a way to make it appear symmetrical, slimmer and more balanced.

Why do make-up artists contour?
Contouring gives you the ability to transform any face into perfection and create a more defined look. Knowing how to play with light and shadow as well as the ability to adjust the shading on the face with lighter and darker colour palettes gives the most effective results. Overall, it creates a flawless image.

What is the trick to contouring properly?
It’s important to understand the main concept of light and shadow. Once you study the importance of light on the face and the places that the shadow drops only then will you will be able to contour properly. Otherwise it will look messy and dirty and won’t let you achieve the sculpted result you seek.

Are there certain face shapes that don’t suit contouring?
All face shapes can be contoured. Our faces are a 3D surface, so when applying foundation it’s important to emphasise this effect to keep it natural and real at the same time. But, one thing that should be taken into consideration is not over doing it on particular face shapes if the features are already defined and perfectly shaped.

Is there such thing as too much contouring?
Absolutely. The secret to perfect contouring is for it not to be noticeable. Something we’ve noticed lately is faces which have not been contoured correctly. This tends to look dirty and very fake. Instead, the colours used to contour should be as close to the person’s skin tone as possible to keep it looking natural.

So next time you’re having your make-up done ask for some light contouring to see if it’s for you. Post make-up selfie essential.

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