Confessions of a Celebrant: What’s Really Happening Behind the Scenes

We cover all bases when it comes to the wedding ceremony need to knows. So, when Sharon the Celebrant referred to herself as the celebrant that’s ‘’more like your naughty aunty at the wedding,’’ we knew she was our woman to confess the juicy deets on what’s really happening up the aisle, and how to get your moment as close to perfect as possible.

‘’I read all these proper articles about celebrants and they’re so boring, there really isn’t much proper about me when I celebrant or write, so you’re in for a treat!’’

confessions of a celebrant

Get so excited about your ceremony you’ll nearly pee your pants!

I honestly believe how you start the vibe of your day is what’s going to continue through to the evening, especially since more couples are heading straight to their reception soon after the ceremony. Get off on the right foot by injecting your personalities into the ceremony, and don’t just save all the fun and excitement for your reception.

You’re going to have at least one melt-down in the lead up to your mushy, loved-up day

It’s inevitable. I’ve seen the calmest of them lose their banana peel, just go with it. Don’t be too hard on yourself because it will pass. Chances are you’ve never organised a sit-down dinner for 150 people and are stressing about everything being perfect, but remember – you haven’t given anyone an itinerary, so they have no idea what’s going to plan and what isn’t. Calm your farm and enjoy this blissful bubble with your newly betrothed.

confessions of a celebrant

Practice your first kiss, but no tongue – nobody wants to see that!

You want something more than what you give Granny, but less than what you do to make babies, capeesh? You have a really big scope to make this a fabulous photo, so don’t be boring. I always say practice your first kiss, because if it’s just a peck I’m going to get you to do it again.

I was once standing at the alter with a groom waiting for his bride to enter, and he said to me: ‘’Sharon, every time I practice that kiss, something ‘pops up’, what if that happens now during the ceremony?’’ I said I’d smack it down with my microphone. Needless to say, it was a nice first kiss with no unexpected surprises.

No one likes lateness unless it’s totally unavoidable

I had a groom split his pants getting into the car before his ceremony, and after finding an Aunty who had a sewing machine to fix them, he was 45 minutes late. The good news was drinks were being served, so guests weren’t too concerned, except for the bride who was waiting in the tiniest bridal suite known to mankind throwing back champagnes like there was no tomorrow.

Here’s the thing: if you are “affected or impaired” (aka drunk or off your chops,) legally, I am unable to marry you. This was the first and only time I had to cut anyone off from the bar, but secretly I did love that it was my stunning bride!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, civil celebrants direct a whopping 74.9% of all marriage ceremonies. That’s right Fairies! So, we’re thrilled to know there are Priests Sheikhs, Rabbis, Minister and Celebrants such as Sharon out there to ensure every couple’s personality is covered.

All images via Sharon the Celebrant 

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