Cocktail weddings are as versatile as they come and with so many pros, it’s clear to see why traditional sit downs are becoming less popular.

1. You Can Have More People

Less tables = more people! If you’re struggling to find a place to fit your cohort but don’t want to lessen your guest list, cocktail is the way to go.

2. Tables of Food

Don’t you dare think this as a basic buffet, this can be the charcuterie table of your guest’s dreams. You can have this as well as hors d’oeuvres circling around with waiters. Your guests can still be social without leaving to sit down and eat!


Image from Sivan and Paul’s wedding. Photography by Adonis Kekidakis

3. The Dance Floor Is Endless

Anyone can boogie where they want to boogie! If you get enough people dancing on the spot they’ll all join in one way or the other and you’ll have the dance floor to end all dance floors.

4. You Can Mingle Better

Maneuvering around chairs and tables gets frustrating, especially if you have a big dress! The cocktail way means you can socialise easily and readily.

5. You Can Still Have Chairs

People are going to need to sit at some point, especially if they are older or have deadly heels! You can easily have chairs scattered around the room for those in need without clogging up space.

6. You Eat What You Want

In traditional sit-down style, you can place a bet that you’ll always end up with a dish you don’t love. Craving a big piece of steak? You’ll get the chicken every time and then comes that haggling with your neighbors to switch and swap for your preferred meal. Cocktail weddings mean you and your guests can eat what they want – and as much as they like!

3_xsight photography

Image from Wedded Wonderland’s ICE Event. Photography by XSiGHT photography

Main image from Ashleigh and Kieran’s wedding. Photography by Terralogical.

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