If You’re Choosing a Pre-Wedding Gown, This Is What You Need To Know

The pre-Wedding gown, whether it’s for the kitchen tea, engagement shoot or Bridal shower, is the second most important dress you’ll have to choose (obviously the Wedding gown tops the list!), but rarely do we get advice on it. Should it be formal? Do you have to stick with white? Should you look for something you’ll wear again, or is this a faux pas?

There are so many questions when it comes to picking out your pre-Wedding gown, so we’ve had a sneak peek at the latest options from Goddess by Nature and put together our tips on choosing a dress you don’t regret.

Simple is Superb

Don’t feel as though you MUST have an opulent, OTT pre-Wedding gown. This season, is all about the elegant, chic and understated look, which is perfect for a pre-Wedding dress. Add some extra ‘wow-factor’ with your accessories, like a pair of statement earrings, an intricate headpiece or show-stopping heels.


Consider Colour

There are no hard and fast rules around wearing white for your pre-Wedding and although a lot of Brides-to-Be choose to don a white or neutral gown for the occasion, don’t be afraid to inject some colour into it! Sequined dresses are a glamorous way to make sure you look like a superstar on the day and they don’t require much in the way of extra accessories, simple earrings or a delicate headpiece works a treat.



Get a Multitasker

If you don’t yet have a multi-tasking gown in your wardrobe, you must! These are gowns that can be transformed and worn a number of different ways by changing the neckline, reconfiguring the straps and twisting the sashes. You change it up to show off your best assets! Killer cleavage? Make it low-cut. Toned back? Show off your shoulders and back with a backless or racerback style. Tiny waist? Cinch it in!




If you’re like us, you’ve probably got a social calendar filled with other Weddings and events coming up, so looking for a pre-Wedding dress that you can wear again is savvy. The trick to re-wearing a gown you’ve already been photographed in (thanks, social media), is to find a dress that serves as a classic foundation to your look. It should be timeless (so it doesn’t go out of trend) and easily refreshed with accessories like leather jackets, capelets, big belts and statement necklaces. With the right dress as your base, you can create completely different looks that will keep all your friends guessing!


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