Chelsie McLeod Wins The Bachelor Australia!

It’s the fairytale ending fans of The Bachelor were all hoping for! Within the breathtaking scenery of South Africa, Bachelor Matt Agnew declared his love for chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod.

In the lead up to the heart wrenching yet magical moment, the 28-year-old was freaking out, concerned she told Matt too late in the experience how she really feels about him.

After winning the approval of Matt’s closest friends Kate and Jason during their meeting, Chelsie was determined to finally open up and tell Matt how she feels during their last date together.

Despite having Matt those three little words on their final date, Chelsie was scared she was about to be dumped. And with a shocking plot twist, Network 10 decided to switch things up a bit, making it seem as though Chelsie lost, showing footage of her arrive at the scene first and social media was not happy!

But as the show continued, our heart rates went back to normal and Abbie was in fact the runner up of this year’s season of The Bachelor.

And with the biggest shock to the night, Matt swiftly poured out his heart to Chelsie; “My heart is fluttering and even though it could get broken in to a thousand pieces it’s time to take the plunge and tell you how I feel. Chelsie, I love you.”

At first, Chelsie was so shocked it was her standing at the end stating “Oh my God. I thought you were dumping me,” she whispered.

Matt continued to tell a teary Chelsie, “I love how you giggle when you’re nervous. “I love that you go full nerd as soon as there’s some maths involved, and above all I love how to make me feel. You make me want to believe in fairytales because when I’m with you I feel like I’m in one.”

And we can confirm that the couple are still together after Chelsie shared this cute snap of the happy couple!

Congratulation to the very happy couple, Chelsie and Matt!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image Via: Instagram

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