One of the first things any good entertainer learns is how to construct a cheese platter. These little delights are perfect for when you’ve got guests arriving any minute, as they’re quick to put together, but always a crowd pleaser.

By Top Cat Catering

5-minutes to go

Grab a large bread board or platter. This is essential to give your plate the ‘wow factor’.



4-minutes to go

Start with two large wheels of cheese in the centre of the board and position one over the other  to create some height. A proper cheese board should have at least three types of cheese – soft, blue and cheddar is always a great combination!


3-minutes to go

Cut some of the blocks of cheese in different triangular shapes and layer over one another on the board.


2-minutes to go

Fill a drinking glass with Grissini-style bread sticks to add another dimension to the board.


1-minute to go

 Next add the fruit. Fruit gives a platter colour and vibrancy. Large vine grapes look great wrapped around the outside of the cheeses and kiwi fruit (cut in half) gives a gorgeous pop of bright green. Berries and figs sprinkled over the top take your platter to the next level.


Insider Tips

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