British Couple Try to Crowdfund their $10,000 Italy Wedding

A British couple have tried to crowd fund their dream Italy wedding, but instead of support, they have received a huge amount of backlash. We all know a wedding can be taxing on the finances and quite possibly the most expensive day in a person’s life, with couples struggling to balance the cost of their wedding often requiring financial help, but has this couple taken it too far by asking for $10,000?

This Couple Tried to Crowdfund their 10000 Italy Wedding 3

The bride and groom-to-be Hannah Louise Miell and Jack Dudley asked the public to support their dreams of marrying abroad in Ravello, near Italy’s Amalfi Coast, which is renowned as an expensive wedding location. But just a few days after the page went live, Hannah and Jack were inundated responses slamming them for being so selfish.

Hannah, who works for an animal charity, explained how her fiancé volunteered to serve in Afghanistan in the Royal Navy as a submarine chef and the long distance relationship had caused her severe depression. She went on to describe how “incredibly selfless” her partner was, guilt tripping people in support their so called ‘cause’.

This Couple Tried to Crowdfund their 10000 Italy Wedding 2

“We don’t have the money to be able to afford such a wedding which is where we need your help…Please give what you can, your support means the world to us and will make a huge difference”, Hannah writes.

“We hope we can achieve our dreams and share a once in a lifetime experience with our family.”

After receiving more than 500 responses for those who thought their cause was a joke, the page was taken down. Many were outraged by the audacity of this couple to make themselves seem like a charity case for something so futile.

This Couple Tried to Crowdfund their 10000 Italy Wedding 4

“Surely this is a joke? How about the millions of other people who would just like to be able to afford to rent together make a home together, pay their bills”, one heated commenter wrote.

While others thought the couple should do it themselves. “Save up like normal people. This is absolutely disgusting, millions of people out there with nothing”.

Before the page was taken down the couple had only managed $91, a far distance from the $10,000 Italy wedding they had dreamed of.

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Article written by Alison Donnellan

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