Penelope is Married! Inside the Bridgerton Wedding of the Year

The most captivating wedding scene of the season—Penelope’s wedding—had us reeling after a weekend binge of all four new episodes. While everyone was abuzz with Penelope Featherington’s character arc, something about her bridal ensemble caught our eye—it was subtly different!

Did you spot this little detail?

bridgerton wedding penelope featherington pink dress

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We got a PINK wedding dress!

Penelope’s unexpected choice of a pink wedding dress was a departure from the expected white Regency-era gown that is traditionally worn for weddings, and it perfectly encapsulated the unconventional nature of her engagement with Colin. 

While we were initially blown away by its barely-blush shade, we discovered that Pen’s bridal attire was originally intended to be Bridgerton BLUE!

Imagine how different it could have been…
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Image via @Neflix

“We started with a pale blue because she was marrying into the Bridgerton family, but it didn’t quite fit,” explained costume designer John Glaser in an interview.

His goal was to create a bridal look that not only reflected Penelope’s evolution and transformation throughout the season but also complemented actress Nicola Coughlan’s complexion.

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Image via @Neflix

The color was also selected to help Penelope, who works to find herself in the final four episodes, stand out in a color that is entirely her own.

“In the church, you’ve got one side with the Bridgerton family all wearing blue, and on the other side are the Featheringtons wearing their garish colors,” he told the outlet. “No one in that world wears what we’ll call ‘peach.’”

But does this color change hint further to something deeper than just fitting a skin tone? Well, in Regency-era England, pink was not commonly associated with bridal attire, which traditionally favored white or pastel shades symbolizing purity and innocence.

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Image via @Neflix

Penelope’s choice of pink could symbolize her departure from societal expectations and her embrace of individuality and personal expression.

So, reflecting on previous Bridgerton weddings—like those of Daphne Bridgerton’s ethereal white gown or Kate Sharma’s regal blue dress, and Edwina’s subtle traditional white gown, Penelope’s unconventional choice stood out and hinted at her SPOILER identity as Lady Whistledown, showcasing her true individuality.

But we want to know how you felt about Penelope’s Pink wedding dress! 


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