Whether you’ve been a bridesmaid or not, everyone is all too familiar with the “I’m a bride and can do what I want to” attitude.

While most brides never intend to be a Bridezilla on their wedding day, the stress of planning their special day and the pressure to look like a million dollars can take over, leaving the bridesmaids to pick up the pieces.

We’ve gathered the 5 of the most common bridesmaid pet-peeves that leave our best girls fed-up and on the verge of saying I DON’T!

1. Fittings That Go For Longer Than the Average Hollywood Marriage

Brides dream of the moment when they get their perfect wedding gown and sometimes it takes a visit to more than one designer to find; but when a day of fittings turns into multiple weekends, it’s time to call it quits.

The bride might be having fun playing in mounds of tulle, but her maids will be getting more and more frustrated by the minute. How many times can you be expected to smile and say ‘you look gorgeous’?



2. Mind Over Platter

It’s all fun and games until the bride suggests you diet. No matter how pure your intention never, I repeat, never ask your bridesmaid to put down her doughnut in favour of an apple.


3. Breaking the Bank … and the Bridesmaid.

Between the engagement party, bridal shower, pricey bridesmaids dresses and accessories for the big day, your bridesmaids are going to feel major credit crunch; so expecting them to pay for destination hen’s weekends and fork out for lunch at your regular catch-ups (aka wedding debriefs), is pushing the friendship.

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4. Don’t Be a Boss

A note to all brides: if you want a personal assistant, hire one. Your bridesmaids have their own full-time jobs, families and hobbies and asking them to be your personal secretary is not going to end well. Remember, they’re your friend first and bridesmaid second.


5. No Cure For Insecurities

Although the bride is obviously concerned about the way she looks on her big day, sometimes she can overlook the insecurities of her maids. Forcing her bridesmaids to wear unflattering dresses, catwalk-high shoes and OTT makeup is obviously the bride’s prerogative; however there’s nothing pretty about a bridesmaid who’s distressed, embarrassed and uncomfortable in every single wedding photo. It’s always better to take into account their feelings too!



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