Black is the new Bridesmaid

Who said you can’t wear black to a wedding? In recent years, we’ve seen the introduction of black bridesmaids dresses and 2022 is preparing this trend to continue in full spring. The age old saying of black being bad luck has officially been dumped, especially by Bridesmaids! 

We are also living in the era of environmentally friendly fashion. The ability to re-wear a bridesmaid dress should be a major factor when selecting styles and colors.

Classic, stylish, and flattering, we are seeing more black Bridesmaid dresses and we’re here for it! We’re calling it – Black is the new white for Bridesmaids dresses. 

So, why choose black for your Bridesmaids?

1. Create the Black Tie Wedding of Your Dreams

Few occasions need as much grandeur as a black-tie wedding. Before you even open an exceedingly lavish wedding invitation and see “Black Tie Required,” you already know you’re in for a glamorous extravaganza. And you know you’re going to be glammed to the nines when you hear those three tiny words. 

Longer hemlines, luxury materials, and sophisticated design features are all required for a black tie event, and there’s no doubt your bridesmaids will thank you.

Black bridesmaids dresses serve the uttermost elegance that you’ll always want in a wedding.

Your bridesmaids will definitely enjoy being in something classic,  timeless and feeling like an old Hollywood Glamor!

Rachel Gilbert Marco Gown $1400.00
White Runway Marianne Gown $359.00

2. Easy to find and please!

Black, being one of the most flattering colors to wear, holds a very special place in most  people’s hearts. It’s got the power to transform your perception of yourself and make you feel extra confident. Which is why finding a black bridesmaids dress tends to be the easiest choice, especially if you’re a bridesmaid  buying it yourself!

Most, if not all designers include the honorary black dress in their collections because they know there is one sexy woman looking to don the elegance of the black dress.

Bec + Bridge Moon Dance Strapless Dress $295.00
Shona Joy Luxe Twist Front Sleeveless Midi Dress $295.00

3. Modern monochromatic wedding

Color palettes are one wedding aspect that we keep changing our minds about! With so many hues to select from, putting together a coherent palette for your wedding day may be difficult. Have you considered sticking to a monochrome color scheme for your wedding instead? 

Monochrome isn’t new, but for the past few years, we’ve seen monochrome paving  its way through various forms. From fashion to interior, monochrome has landed its way into wedding themes. 

A black wedding isn’t only visually captivating, but effortless. Imagine a row of bridesmaids all in black dresses contrasting a beautiful Bride in white against a dark backdrop. The perfect setting for an enchanting wedding.

Rebecca Vallance Calla Gown $1199.00

4. Because you like it!

It’s as simple as that. Wearing something you like and feel comfortable in is always the most important thing. Being part of someone’s day doesn’t necessarily mean leaving all of your desires out, for instance wanting to wear black (just ensure your bride approves).

If wearing black makes you more confident and keeps you feeling amazing, then absolutely go for it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look classic, just make sure your bride isn’t superstitious!

Manning Cartell Asymmetrical Games Strapless Gown $699

Who doesn’t have room in their closet for another black dress? This closet essentially gives any bridal party an immediate appearance of sophistication and polish. Ultimately a black bridesmaid dress won’t go to waste and will be worn time and time again.

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