The Wedding Day is the biggest day of a Bride’s life and the last thing many girls want is to deal with the symptoms of PMS or having their period.

Unfortunately every woman has about a 25% chance of having her period on her Wedding Day, so what are the options? What should you do if you are on your period on the Big Day? Is it safe to skip it?

We’ve got the answers.

I Might Have my Period. How Do I Prepare?

If you’re concerned you might get your period on the Big Day, ask your Maid-of-Honour to create a girlie emergency kit complete with pads, tampons and a few Panadols (for those pesky cramps). You might also want to consider having a spare change of underwear on hand, just in case!

What Can I Do to Combat Bloat?

Drink loads of water in the 48-hours leading up to the Wedding day and steer clear of salty foods (which can cause your body to retain fluid). If you can, it’s also great to schedule in a light exercise or yoga class the day before the Wedding, as this will help with any constipation and will speed up your metabolism. If you’re still concerned about bloating, look into shapewear or a sexy corset to ‘hold you in’ under the Wedding gown.

What If I Get Hormonal?

When you’re in your menstrual cycle, your hormones change, leaving some women moody and emotional. If you’re a Bride concerned you might be hormonal on your Big Day, you should try adjusting your diet. Research (published in Reproductive Health) found that women who increased their levels of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids saw huge improvements in PMS!


I’ve Got a Pimple!

Firstly, don’t pop it! If you’ve woken up on your Wedding Day with a giant pimple, the best thing to do is wait until your makeup artist arrives. In the majority of cases, they’ll be able to work their magic and cover the spot. If you pop it, you risk swelling, redness and scabbing, which is MUCH harder for concealer to hide.

Is it Safe to Skip My Period? How Do I Do It?

If you’re on birth control, or happy to start taking it, great news! It’s safe to skip your period for your Wedding. Simply skip the ‘sugar’ or ‘placebo’ pills and continue on with your active pills. As long as you don’t do this regularly, doctors assure that it won’t cause your body any damage.

Although this is a basic guide, if you’ve got concerns about having your period on your Wedding Day, book in for a chat with your GP –as they’ll know you best!

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