Bride-to-be & her Paraplegic Fiance’s Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement is Going Viral

It still works!

A motor bike accident has left Todd Krieg paralysed him from the waist down and doctors say it would be nearly impossible for him to have children.. but we have some good news!

Krieg’s fiancé, Amanda Diesen is now pregnant and the couple announced her pregnancy in the most fabulous way.

With Todd sticking his tongue out and giving a big thumbs-up, the wall behind them tells the world that ‘It still works!’


Image via Today

The couple met at a paralysis recovery centre in California, where Diesen worked as a therapist and Krieg attended for recovery. This is majorly adorable.

‘Todd had a crush on me and called me the ‘cute therapist,’ and I found him so handsome but was so afraid to be unprofessional and hit on a client,’ Diesen says.

We couldn’t be anymore happier for them and it really shows in the photo. Best of luck kiddos!

Image via Kayla Duffin
Main image via Today

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