Bride Offers To Pay Photographer In Food And Wine Instead Of Money

A bride has been slammed online after asking her Facebook friends for wedding photographer recommendations, but admitting she’s not willing to pay with actual money.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the post, revealing they had found the “gem” on their Facebook feed.

Source: Reddit

The bride was slammed by horrified users, with one commenting: “First of all, where on earth did she find a photographer for three hours for $300!?!?!? THAT’s the real tea.”

While another said: “Here’s the deal… you pay me in food and drinks, and I’ll bring a sketch pad and crayons to colour you some pretty stick people pictures. How’s that sound?”

So Fairies, tell us your thoughts! Do you agree with the rest of the horrified users?

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Unsplash

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