Buying the gifts for the Bridal Party can be tricky; do you buy a unique gift for each member and risk one Bridesmaid getting jealous of another? Are you expected to spend big? Exactly who from the Bridal Party will be expecting a gift?

To clear up some of our biggest questions, we’ve spoken with Melissa from Personalised Favours about the etiquette when it comes to the Bridal Party gift.

1. The Magic Number

When it comes to budgeting for the Bridal Party gifts, there’s no magic number, but most gifts tend to be within around the $75 – $200 mark. Don’t feel as though you need to spend a motza for a personalised gift, you can get gorgeous engraved items from Personalised Favours from around the $10 mark. Buying a selection of personalised items and combining them in a hamper is a great way to create something special for your dream team!


2. Consistency is Key

Although it’s a nice touch to buy every member of the Bridal Party something personal, it can be time consuming and can cause issues between your squad (especially if you’re spending different amounts on each). We recommend that consistency with the gifts is the best way to go.


3. Think Long Term

The aim is to give your Bridal Party a gift that they’ll have around forever – and something that reminds them of your wedding whenever they see or use it. Things like chocolates or champagne are always going to be a winner, but try and pair these with something that will last like a beautifully engraved wooden board or, for the gents, a personalised hip flask.


4. Write it Down

The most important part of the gift is the thank-you card. Don’t forget to hand-write a letter to each member explaining how grateful you are for their support on your big day. Make it personal and heartfelt.h

5. The Right Time

There are no hard and fast rules for when to give the Bridal Party their gifts, but traditionally they’re handed out on the morning of the wedding.b

6. Who’s Included

The Bridal Party generally extends to the Bridesmaids, Maid of Honour, Groomsmen, Best Man, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer; however, couples should also consider preparing a thank-you card and gift for their parents and any other friends or family who contributed significantly to the planning of the Big Day.f

Personalised Favours is an Australian brand offering a range of Wedding accessories, gifts and favours to the world. Founded in 2009, Personalised Favours is made up of a savvy team of dreamers who love coming up with ways to create products that are as unique, personal and authentic as they are.


Main image from Lillian and Shunt’s wedding. Photography by Christopher George Photography.

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