If there’s one person’s style tips to live by it is Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off one thing.”

But even with her wisdom, it’s a common mistake that’s made far too often by brides. Too many accessories is a big no no.It’s all about having that perfect balance.

To help you avoid Coco’s wrath, here’s our list of accessory rules you should never break.

A statement necklace AND statement earrings
OK, we get it. You want to make a statement. But you can do this without looking like a Christmas tree. Choose one or the other and let the neckline of your dress be your guide for which you pick.

If you’re wearing a strapless dress you can wear a necklace to avoid looking bare on top. But, if you’re wearing a dress with straps and beading down the bodice, it will look too cluttered.

Most necklines allow for a pair of statement earrings, but there are always exceptions. If you’ve got a lot of embellishments or have detailed shoulder straps, the same thing goes. Overkill. The same rule applies if you have a lot of detail around your bust area and wear a big flashy necklace. All eyes will immediately go to that one spot.

On your wedding day, your dress should do the talking. Remember that.

Not styling your hair to match your accessories
Sounds a little silly, doesn’t it? But think about it. If you’re wearing a pair of diamond stud earrings but your hair is down, they won’t be seen. It’s always a good idea to work your hairstyle around your accessories.

Mixing metals
The rule of not mixing silver and gold together is long gone, but let’s not completely it. Yes it’s nice to mix and match, but unless your planning My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding wearing gold earrings, a silver bracelet, a rose gold head piece and a beaded pewter belt may be a little over the top.

Keep it simple and stick to one or two metals.

Not keeping with the style of your dress
This one’s a real deal breaker. If you’ve chosen to wear a slinky, satin gown but want to wear chunky and oversized jewellery, it probably won’t work. Instead, it could take away from the simplicity and elegance of your gown.

Don’t let your accessories speak louder than your gown. Your accessories should complement your look, not overpower it.

Jewellery that catches
It’s not something we all think about. But when your earrings are stuck and you’re constantly turning your head left and right over and over to uncatch them you’ll thank us. Think about what kind of accessories you have picked. Will they catch on your lace dress? The last thing you want is having big and horrible pulls all over your dress.

One last tip  – If you really can’t make up your mind between the earrings or necklace you desperately want to wear, it’s easy. Just wear one to the ceremony and then swap to the other for the reception. It’s the best of both worlds.

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