It’s one of the first thing your friends and family ask once you’ve told them you’re engaged – when’s the big day?

But, before you lock in a date for the wedding, here are 5 things considerations that you probably haven’t thought of!

1. Budget

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Did you know that it can cost 20% more to marry during spring? Have you considered a weekday wedding to help save some coin? Little known facts like these can save you a lot if you’re working with a tight budget. Oftentimes, if you’re really stretched, talk to your venue and caterer, as they might be able to give you some ways to help cut costs.

2. Your Work Schedule


You’d be amazed at how many brides get so caught up in planning their big day, they don’t take into account their groom’s or their own work schedule. Although it is probably the last thing on your mind, if you’re an accountant, it’s probably not a good idea to plan your wedding during the end of financial year. If you’re a school teacher, don’t organise your wedding to happen when you’ve got reports due. Having extra pressure at the office, or trying to complete a mammoth amount of work in the days leading up to your big day will just cause you unnecessary stress.

3. Your Loved Ones Health

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Before setting the date, talk to your partner about friends or family who might have ongoing health issues. Should you consider moving the date forward on account of an ailing grandparent? Maybe your maid-of-honour is pregnant, so you might want to wait until the baby is born before you have your big day.

4. Is There a Theme?


If you have your heart set on a particular wedding theme or concept, make sure you pick a date that will work with it. Beach weddings in the middle of winter are generally going to be a bad idea and if you’re wanting to incorporate beautiful open fire places and furs into your wedding, the middle of summer is a no-no.

5. Don’t Ask Your Guests


If you’re thinking of running some date options by your friends and family…don’t. You’ll end up with input from 10 different people asking you to go for the 4th instead of the 14th because they’ve got their cousin’s best friend’s sister’s birthday dinner. Asking for dates that work best for your guests opens up a huge can of worms – and you probably won’t be able to close it.


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