Before You Even Start Your Wedding Planning, You Need To Know This…

It’s happened – your partner has listened to Beyoncé’s message and you are now flaunting your sparkling engagement ring to the world. And so, without further ado, you are ready to enter the chaos that is wedding planning.

But wait – there is one more step that many excited brides-to-be tend to skip and bitterly regret later on; Jewellery Insurance!

Without being overly cheesy, Fairies, we have to admit; no matter what the cost of your sparkler is, it is unique for what it represents for your partner and yourself. It encapsulates your commitment to one another, simply by wrapping itself around your finger, and symbolises your love for one another. So, what would happen if your beloved new rock was stolen from your dresser, damaged when falling off the kitchen bench or lost at the beach?

Do not fear, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is here! While you may not think so, Jewellery Insurance is becoming increasingly popular as time goes by, as people are now given the option to protect specific and special pieces of jewellery. Fairies, this is what you need to know:

Centrestone Jewellery Insurance‘s policy includes:

  1. Worldwide cover for accidental damage, loss & theft
  2. 125% cover of the insured value to cover increases in replacement cost
  3. Guarantee to return to your preferred jeweller, not an insurance company workshop
  4. Free annual revaluations on the insured items
  5. $50 excess on all claims – not thousands of dollars at claim time
  6. Agreed value & like-for-like replacement
  7. Instant cover – no waiting periods

What are you waiting for, Fairies? Get your instant quote right now, and secure that stunning sparkler!

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Shutter Stock

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