The first steps towards Alex and Beayna’s wedding began on Valentine’s Day after a romantic dinner when Alex took a seemingly unexpected detour  on the way home, to a rooftop parking structure overlooking the entire city, which had become their special spot over the years. Alex walked Beayna over to that same spot they had shared their first kiss and described all the reasons why his life would be incomplete without her,  then dropped down on one knee and proposed, with Beayna replying “A million times yes.”

And so the wedding planning began …

Alex and Beayna’s wedding turned out to be one fit for royalty! The theme was “Aurora Borealis” otherwise known as the Northern Lights.  The room was designed to be almost completely white, making it seem as though you’ve stepped into a cloud, with accent colours of black  and various shades of blue, green, and teal; reminiscent of the amazing array of colours seen in the Northern lights. One of the most unique aspects of their wedding was their super cool cake. The elegant 6-tier white cake had two very distinct features in the centre, inspired by the couple’s engineering backgrounds. The first feature was three gears that fed into each other to represent the “perpetual motion” of their love. These gears were encircled by a ring shape, which had a series of ones and zeros on it. This was not a random series of ones and zeros — it was the binary representation of the message “I<3U”. As Alex so patently pointed out, “At no other wedding have I seen a group of guys huddled around the wedding cake, intently staring at the design.”

Reflecting on their special day, the couple told Wedded Wonderland the best moment of the night was when they had their first dance. “We had rehearsed a choreographed dance to the song “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, and were nervous about getting all the steps right. But as soon as the music started playing, we got caught up in the moment and danced the routine beautifully as all our guests cheered us on. This made for a very memorable highlight of the night.”

Enjoy, Fairies!

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