So wedding season is almost here and we can imagine you have a wedding (or four) to attend!

But it can be difficult to know what’s expected of you on the biggest day of your sister/best friend/colleague/long lost cousin’s life. Not to worry! We have compiled a list of the Do’s and Don’ts to make you the perfect guest.


This saves the bride and groom a lot of time trying to call you or stalk your Facebook to get a response from you. Send your RSVP by the date stated on the invitation as the couple need to know final numbers to pass on to their suppliers. If an RSVP card came with the invitation, send it back! Don’t think that an “I’ll be there!” as you pass the bride to be in the supermarket aisle will do. It won’t.

Arrive on time to the ceremony and reception.
This is not the time for fashionably late. Be on time. Being late will only end with you trying to make an unnoticed entry as the bride takes her first steps down the aisle. And we’re telling you, that entry definitely won’t be unnoticed.

Sit in your assigned seat
If there is a seating plan, stick to it. Simple. Don’t let the bride and groom’s pre-wedding arguments over who sits where be in vain. If you are seated next to somebody you would rather not be, suck it up and spend a lot of time on the dance floor.

Sign the guest book
The wedding day goes so fast and once it’s all over, the bride and groom want to sit back and reflect on their day and everyone who joined them. Be sure to leave your well wishes for them to look back on before you head home.


Bring a +1 that wasn’t invited
It doesn’t matter if it’s is your new flame or your 15 year old daughter who is adamant she should be there because she is the Queen of Everything and just bought a pretty dress. Just don’t do it. There is a reason particular names are on an invitation. We also suggest not approaching the bride or groom and asking to bring along somebody that wasn’t invited. This could result in an extremely uncomfortable conversation.

Use your phone
Whether you’re texting, tweeting or taking a picture, chances are it’s not the time! There is a photographer present for a reason and we’re sure the bride doesn’t want to be all over Instagram before she’s even said “I do.”

Try to outshine the bride
Ladies, we know you always want to look your best! Keep in mind though that this wedding is not Paris Fashion Week and the dance floor is not your runway. It’s the bride’s day to shine so avoid white (unless advised otherwise by the couple.) Also, don’t feel like you need to send yourself broke buying a gown you will never wear again just to be the belle of the ball!

Embarrass yourself
No, we don’t mean the tripping over kind of embarrassing. We’re talking the “everyone knows you have taken full advantage of the open bar” kind of embarrassing. We also suggest staying put until the cake’s been cut to avoid looking like you only came for the free food.

Got it? Good.

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