Baby mamas: 6 ways to include your kids in your wedding

So many brides these days are also mums, so it’s important to include them in the wedding. It can be tricky to find ways for your precious babies to get involved without causing you extra stress, but we’ve done the hard yards and put together six simple ways to have your children by your side on the biggest day of your life!

1. Have Them in the Bridal Party

If they’re young enough, have your bubs as the flowergirl or pageboy. Not only will they be next to you throughout the ceremony, but they’re bound to look adorable. If your children are slightly older, consider asking them to be a bridesmaid or groomsman.

2. Ask Them to Write Vows

If you and your husband have children separately, then the Wedding day is a time to bring together two families; so it’s a nice idea to allow your children to write their own vows that they can say to their new Stepfather.

3. Be Mini Photographers

If you want to keep your darlings occupied throughout the long day, ask them to be miniature photographers! Hand them a disposable camera and ask them to snap away. They’ll feel important and you’ll also get some gorgeous (albeit blurry) images to keep.

2Photography by Jasmine Star Photography

4. Walk You Down the Aisle

If you’re looking to switch things up, consider asking your children to walk you down the aisle.

5. Performing at the Reception

If your kids have a gift for entertaining, ask them to perform at the Wedding. From juggling, singing, poetry and dancing, they’re bound to steal the show.

6. Ask Them to Join the First Dance

This is especially sentimental if you’ve got a young boy. After you’ve had your dance with the Groom, ask your son to join you on the floor for a song or two.

1Photo by Christian Oth Studios

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