If you’re like us, you probably just assumed there were three types of boobs – small, medium and large. However, experts* have revealed that there are in fact seven types of melons in the world and once you know what type you are, all your bra and outfit-styling struggles will be solved!

So, whether you’ve got molehills or mountains, we’ve put together the ultimate mammary manual along with the style of Wedding gown will best suit your fun bags!

1. Teardrop

The teardrop boobs look like a teardrop from the side; they’ve got a gentle slope on the top and a rounded bottom and the nipple generally points slightly upwards. Teardrops are quite versatile and work with most Wedding gown styles, but if you’re really looking to make a statement, opt for a plunging neckline, as this will elongate your neck and give you gorgeous, but subtle cleavage.

teardropImage from Ziad Nakad

2. Slender

The slender boob is wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom and if you’ve got this type of breast, you probably also have an athletic, slim body shape. Slender boobs are generally smaller (A or B cup) and look great with a bra that has some extra padding. A lot of celebrity Brides have ‘slender boobs’ and your slim shape means you can pull of the chic silk sheath style of gown (think Jennifer Aniston and Carolyn Bessette).

slenderImage from Houghton

3. Side Set

The side set boobs are full (C cup or above) and have a wide space in between them. Side set girls should look for a gown that has built in cups to help hoist the bosoms together. The lingerie-look gowns with underwire are so on-trend and perfect for this type!

side setImage from Galia Lahav

4. East West

If you’ve got smaller breasts and your nipples point outwards, you’ve got east west boobs! You can choose almost any style of Wedding gown as long as it has a bra built into it (the aim is to help bring your puppies together and give you a boost of cleavage). Steer clear of the strapless and lingerie silhouettes as these styles won’t give you the support and cleavage you need, otherwise, you can go with whatever neckline you like!

east westImage from Pronovias

5. Bell Shape

If you’ve got a big bust, you’ll probably have a bell shape. This type of boob is narrow at the top and then much fuller at the bottom and the best styles for this shape are long-sleeved gowns or gowns with thicker straps. This is because you need a bit of extra support to give you a high and perky shape and if you go for a strapless gown, you’ll find that it can drag the chest down.

bellImage from Vera Wang.

6. Asymmetrical

Just like you’d assume, asymmetrical girls have one boob that is larger than the other. Depending on the difference in size, you may need to consider a bra with removable padding, so you can adjust to make both breast look the same size. For your Wedding gown, look for options that allow you to wear a padded bra underneath, so you might want to rethink the strapless or backless style for your Big Day.

asymmetricalImage from Jenny Packham

7. Round

Round boobs are as full at the top as they are at the bottom and you’ll find that you’ve get natural cleavage even without a bra (you lucky thing)! If you’ve been blessed with this type of bazonga (or you’ve had surgical enhancement), you won’t need heavily padded or seriously structured bras, because your assets are already on point. For your Wedding gown, the sky’s the limit – you’ll suit most shapes and necklines. You can pull off a backless, strapless and low-cut gown and you won’t need support (you might even be able to go completely braless on your Big Day)!

roundImage from Sugar Love Weddings

Illustrations and expert advice from Third Love. Main image from Ali and Lana’s Wedding. Photography by Candid Image.

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