Wedded Wonderland will be presenting makeup extraordinaire Lilit Caradanian (best known as Makeup by Lilit) from the 9th-18th of March in Sydney and Melbourne.

In anticipation of her arrival at the Wedded Wonderland Headquarters, we spoke with Lilit Caradanian who shared some of her fabulous makeup tips and tricks with us.

Tell us a little bit about your journey … what were you doing this time 10 years ago?

I was in college confused about what career path I wanted to lead as I believed makeup was just a “side-job” and not a real job. So I worked a full-time job, did make-up on the side and continued college. This went on for years until I realized make-up was a BIG career and was what I wanted to do more than anything!

Many Australian makeup artists follow you on social media, and hold you in the highest regard! Some may never have the opportunity to work with you, so what’s your advice to the budding makeup artists in Australia?

Work. Work. Work. Many may believe it’s “great make-up skills” that got me to where I am. This may be true…however, if people do not know about you…how do you succeed? Part of being a makeup artist is the physical job, the other part is, marketing.

If you are a makeup artist, you work for yourself and there is no “boss” to give you that promotion. You are your own boss! So why not push yourself a 110% and see what happens?

You must stay active on all channels of social media, must network with other artists in the industry (this is key in helping each other grow), practice until you’re better than yesterday – everyday!

Brides all over the world look upon your flawless work in awe, what are your top tips for selecting the right makeup artist for your wedding?

Definitely must study the artists work. Every artist has a “signature”…if it seems as though they’re your style, hire them & trust them! If you do not see enough work to judge, you can always book a trial. Do not go to someone and ask for something you’ve NEVER seen in their work. Every artist is a master of their own work!

What are your predictions for bridal makeup trends?

Definitely a lot softer than it used to be. Dramatic…without the drama. Effortless makeup that has a lot of effort. And NOT overly-contoured as brides want to look Naturally beautiful! Oh and that crazy contour train? has left.

When it comes to makeup and hair, who are your top three trail blazing celebs who your clients always include in their inspiration snippets?

1. Kim Kardashian – Yes, that is a generic answer. However, her makeup artists work is flawless! Always on trend and always beautiful.

2. Taylor Swift – They are always changing up her looks but she NEVER looks overdone. She will always look classic.

3. Mila Kunis – Her makeup is always on point. Color, smokey or a simple liner, it’s always soft.

Why is JLO not on the list? First, I believe JLO’s makeup is a hit and miss (based on American Idol) AND JLO’s glow mainly comes from her skin. Also, the GLOW she has will not translate on regular un-edited flash photography…you will simply look oily.

One trend that you’re ready to kiss goodbye is …

Dramatic Contour! Keep it soft and unnoticeable…it will still make a difference!

One trend that you want to bring back is …

Skin. For your makeup to look like skin up close and personal. After all, wedding aren’t just about the photos, there are guests at that wedding physically looking at you!

Can you share your first makeup horror story?

I have made the mistake of using HD powder when it first came out a decade ago! No one knew anything about the powder except that it made you look flawless. Lo and behold, my clients had WHITE underneath their eyes and around their face in their photos. For an example of this makeup error, look up Angelina Jolie’s makeup artist powder mistake.

At least it wasn’t my clients wedding! Phew.

3 hero products every woman needs to know are …

1. Beauty Blender – How was our life before this magic sponge?

2. Benefit Eye Primer “Stay Don’t Stray” – THEE best.

3. Mac Pro-Longwear concealers – Continues to stay #1 on my chart!

We can’t wait to have Lilit share her makeup techniques and tips with us in person. If you can’t get enough, scroll through the gallery above of our favourite Makeup by Lilit looks.

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