An Afternoon with Wedded Wonderland and Creative Business Hub: Know Your Audience

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There’s a good reason why everybody says that knowing your market is crucial, Fairies. Small businesses and start-ups often flop not because their concept didn’t work, but because they failed to achieve a critical understanding of their target market. When this is the case, your idea can’t be pitched to the right customer in the right way, so any kind of marketing campaign you create will likely be misguided and fail to resonate with your consumer.

So how do you make sure this isn’t the case? You need to get to know your audience, and the best way to do that is to start a conversation with them! Ask them what they need, what they like and how much they’ll spend and what you can do for them.

But your customer isn’t the only market you need to know – your suppliers and your competitors are just as important as the people who are buying your products. Knowing, really knowing, is just as complicated, if not more, than putting together a seating chart for a wedding, and that’s where Creative Business Hub comes in.

Creative Director of Wedded Wonderland, Wendy El-Khoury, is an expert in this field. Having grown her own businesses to a considerable size through the use of modern marketing and business techniques, Wendy launched Creative Business Hub in 2017 to help learn, share and engage the industry in all things social media, digital practice, and online marketing.

We’ll be hosting a Sydney seminar on September 25th that’s essential for all businesses who want to increase their digital following (Tickets are limited, so purchase them here now!). 

How to connect with consumers in this changing landscape is one of the topics that will be discussed in detail on the day, with other topics including:
– Social media trends and how to stay abreast of them
– Constructing an effective content calendar
– The changing consumer landscape
– Establishing your brand online
– The impact of Instagram and how to utilise it

Tickets are limited, so purchase them here now!

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Article written by Alison Donnellan

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