An Ethereal Middle Eastern Wedding in Kuwait

Just wait until you see her bouquet…

Ethereal Bride
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From an instant spark to a wedding wrapped in a magic we can barely put into words, these newlyweds hosted their guests to a day of grandeur and luxury. Bride Loura speaks exclusively to Wedded Wonderland on how her day was brought to life.

The Love Story

Our Bride Loura explains how it was actually her mother that organised the meeting with her now husband! Having been introduced, she tells us how, “From the first meeting I kind of knew. My mother always talks about ‘the click’ and I can definitely say there was one. It was very easy and comfortable from the start and getting to know him more and more up to the engagement really just made us that more sure that we were meant for each other.”

After getting to know each other, she adds that there was no official ‘popping of the question’ in the literal sense of the phrase.

“We decided on an engagement date, and then all the men would meet up where he (my then fiancé) would officially ask my father for my hand in marriage.”

“I remember that day, waiting upstairs in my family home with my sisters and mom hearing them talk and then finally congratulating each other, which meant it was official. I was engaged. It was the most euphoric and surprisingly comfortable feeling in the world.”

The Wedding

When it came to the planning of the big day, Loura extends her gratitude to the women in her life.

“Luckily, I have my beautiful mother who has amazing taste, and my lovely sisters by my side and I bestowed all my trust in them and decided from the beginning to be as easy-going as possible.”

Bride and Groom in Kuwait
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Pearl veil
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“Bibi Hayat, the wedding planner, who I’m sure as she’s told us many times, was very excited to go big and out there. She simply saw our style coming into the meeting room and knew exactly what we wanted.”

“We are very ‘maximal’ and like to have things that are out-of-the-box in a way, compared to the minimal aesthetic of the past few years.”

Traditional Arab tea
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Traditional Middle Eastern Desserts
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She delves into some of her favorite moments from her day, detailing, “My entrance: seeing my family and friends standing up, clapping, and so happy. With the video of my little self on my birthday – as a bride – walking beside me on the screens, made the moment just what it needed to be.”

“Also, my husbands’ entrance, with my father and his, and brothers following, I could only describe it as nerve-racking but in the best way possible.”

Flower Girls
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A wedding in Kuwait
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“And last but not least, probably my favorite part, the after party! I was going to make sure everyone was on their feet during that. (Don’t forget to hand your guests comfy slippers so they can enjoy the night with you).”

The Venue

The loved-up couple hosted their nearest and dearest at Kuwait’s divine Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Flowers at the Grand Hyatt
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A divine wedding reception
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“Initially we had chosen a different date, and a different venue, but due to other events happening in Kuwait that day, we decided to change the day of the wedding.”

“The Grand Hyatt had just started reserving slots for weddings at their newly opened ballroom. We booked a meeting to tour the hotel and its ballroom.”

“Once we finished the tour, we kind of just knew this was it. I mean, what are the chances of all these changes happening just as the Grand Hyatt was starting to take in weddings. They also informed me that it would be the first big wedding event in the hotel and I think that helped seal the deal as it made it more special to have that memory.”

Wedding reception in Kuwait
Photo by: @qstudiokw
Wedding reception in Kuwait
Photo by: @qstudiokw

“The stairs leading up to the ballroom gave the most perfect Cinderella moment (but running towards the ballroom not away haha), the bridal suite, the ballroom itself, everything was just magical and the perfect venue for the wedding I always dreamed of.”

The Dress

“My mother and I were looking non-stop for designers, and always somehow knew we would go with Monsieur Saiid Kobeisy. What made us really know was a post we saw from his most recent collection of a butterfly style gown, all gemmed up. It was just spectacular and we knew he would be able to create the dress we had in mind.”

“We definitely – and funnily – gave him a bit of a hard time with ‘add more sparkle’.”

Saiid Kobeisy dress
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“Meeting with him was so special, he was incredibly sweet and was very eager to hear about the journey and learn more about who you are as a person in order to know fully what your aspirations of the dress would be. I remember telling him about always wearing a wedding dress for my birthday since I was four years old, and having a grown-up traditional Kuwaiti entrance, with the music and everything. After hearing that, his face lit up and he was so excited to make my dreams become a reality.”

Close up of Saiid Kobeisy dress
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Crystal gloves
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“The dress looked and felt beautiful to be in. It was just the effect I was looking for; walking on clouds. And with the additional surprise gems that were added, gave the most incredible sparkle I could have ever asked for. The perfect wedding dress for the perfect night.”

Crystal bouquet
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Crystal Bouquet
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“We picked a Swarovski bouquet rather than a flower one, and I think that was the most genius thing as anyone who knows me (and my mother, an honorable mention) personally, will know that we love anything with glitter, sparkles or crystals and it was important to incorporate my personality into this.”

Advice To Future Brides

When asked what words of wisdom she would pass on to our future brides-to-be, she offered three pieces of gold:

“Something I really focused on when designing the venues from Bibi Hayat, was to focus on the colors that compliment you. I have quite fair skin and dark hair, so we went for an emerald green (a pop of color instead of diluted colors) in the background to really bring out the color of my skin.”

“Let your makeup artist and photographers/videographers meet, so the makeup artist can check their work on camera and photographers will know how to adjust their settings.”

“And lastly, sleep well, and EAT WELL. If you are having an evening wedding, like most of us here in Kuwait, then definitely would recommend having a good burger and fries while getting ready.”

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