A breakdown of exactly what the Bridal party should pay for

As a Bride, it’s hard to know who pays for what and the last thing you want to do is offend one of your Bridesmaids by expecting she fork out for something she isn’t prepared to do. So, to help you navigate through the <oftentimes> awkward cash conversation, we’ve put together a breakdown of exactly who traditionally pays for what part of the Wedding

WHAT: The Bridesmaid Gown

WHO: Traditionally, the Bridesmaids pay for their own gowns; however, these days, it’s common for the Bride to cover the gowns for her girls – especially if she wants them in a more expensive dress. If you are wanting your Bridesmaids to cover the gowns, talk with them about their budget first.

WHAT: The Bridesmaid Accessories

WHO: We’re talking shoes and jewellery to match the dress and if you expect that your ‘maids wear a certain shoe or a particular earring, it’s up to you to pay for it. Some Brides choose to gift the jewellery to the Bridesmaids on the Wedding Day.


WHAT: The Bridal Shower

WHO: The Bridal Shower and all that it entails, including the food, venue, games, etc, comes under the role of ‘Bridesmaids’. Technically, the ‘maids are also expected to bring a Bridal Shower gift for the Bride.

WHAT: The Bachelorette Party

WHO: Again, the Hen’s Party is the responsibility of the Bridesmaids. Most of the time, the ‘maids won’t be too out of pocket from the Bacherlorette Party, because guests generally contribute to the night by paying for themselves (and sometimes the ‘Maids might charge a bit extra to the guests, to the Bride is covered for the night too).


WHAT: Hair and Makeup

WHO: This one really depends. Most of the time, the Bridesmaids pay for their own hair and makeup, but if they’re already paying for the Bridesmaid dress and their own accessories, it can be a nice idea for the Bride to cover this one.

WHAT: Wedding Gift

WHO: We’re often asked whether the Bridesmaids are expected to buy a Wedding gift for the new couple and the answer is ‘yes’.

Our biggest piece of advice is to be transparent with your Bridesmaids and discuss their budget before you start the process; that way, neither of you will have any nasty surprises in the lead-up to the Wedding Day.


Images from Meredith and Tate’s Wedding. Photography by Corbin Gurkin.

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