9 Ways To Include A Touch Of Easter In Your Wedding

Easter is a holiday dedicated to love, contemplation, and spending quality time with friends and family. There are so many ways to include a touch of easter in your wedding celebrations.

Tying the knot around Easter is not very common, however, it allows you to incorporate the season into your theme while also taking advantage of the long weekend and public holidays.

Planning an Easter wedding? Here are a few discreet ways you might incorporate the holiday into your day:

1. Bright Pastels

Despite the fact that we celebrate Easter in the Autumn in Australia, Easter has always had a very spring-like feel to it. Using pastel colours throughout your wedding might be a terrific way to tie the theme in a little further.

Easter takes a gentle step into colour, using just the palest hues from nature’s palette. Using pastel tones of lavenders, canary yellow, robins-egg blue, and pinks will be ideal to give a touch of Easter! Of course, not everything at once! To have historically acceptable spring colours, pick one or two of those tones and match them with white and creams. Because you’re working with pastels, you may experiment with patterns like polka dots, antique flower motifs, and whimsical stripes, and your wedding will still look gorgeous.

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2. Florals

As Easter has always been about rebirth and resurrection, using a lot of natural components, especially flowers, will go in nicely with your theme. When it comes to flowers, strive for huge blooms and brilliant colours rather than basic green leaves.

You’ll find that preparing for an Easter wedding is really not complicated.  Why search elsewhere when you have organic décor at your disposal? A garden wedding is surely one of the ideal venues for such a celebration, as you embrace the fresh growth of greenery and blooming of flowers. Include sweet peas, poppies,buttercups, gardenias and, of course, roses. As nature provides its own abundance, you can also save a significant amount on the venue décor budget this way. To create an Easter feel, scatter a bunch of Easter eggs among your plants.

Source: Emma Stoner

3. Easter-themed favours

Yes, wedding favours are an important aspect of the wedding décor since they ultimately add to the wedding by sitting nicely for guests to choose and take home. Make up your own story! Give your guests small glass jars packed with creme-filled chocolate eggs or bunnies as favours and save them the Easter search. To make it a bit more memorable, you may create egg-shaped cookies with royal icing or get macarons in a spring colour palette for wedding treats. Easter egg macarons are also a nice alternative if you want to go more fancy. These beautifully tiny delicacies will give your wedding favours a touch of Easter.


4. Decorative baskets

Whether you’re planning a traditional or rustic wedding, several types of baskets can complement your overarching theme while still providing a touch of Easter. For a rustic wedding, a bigger, antique basket filled with baby’s breath might be used as a table highlight. 

More traditionally, offer your flower girls carry baskets with streamers and vibrant blossoms. 

Also, have some fun with baskets. Don’t be scared to look for the style that best matches your event and experiment with different ways to design them throughout your location.

5. Easter decor

Use spring colours like pastel blues, minty greens, pastel pinks and mild lavenders to accent your Easter celebration by matching your dinner table decorations to your invites and theme. Easter eggs are an essential since they’re easy to make and fully customisable to give your wedding a touch of Easter. 

Make colourful Easter eggs to use as table number decorations. Decorate your table with gorgeous eggs, flowers, and bunny accessories. To make your visitors’ arrival at their table especially special, use chocolate bunnies with each guest’s name on them as a little treat before dinner is served.


6. Easter Egg Name Tags

Rather than placing names at designated seats, a fun way to include a touch of Easter in your wedding is to replace those with hard-boiled eggs with names printed on them. This will not only weave in the theme but can play an entertaining role as guests can play the egg cracking game while waiting for the reception to begin!

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7. Dessert Bar

Let’s admit it, we all look forward to a little Easter chocolate. If eating chocolate dessert in a white dress makes you nervous, going for a dessert bar rather than a regular chocolate bar is a terrific way to keep the theme going. 

With some pastel-coloured macarons on display, a jar of eggs will look lovely while still giving off a touch of Easter. Even having hot cross buns on display will add that little touch of easter.

A dessert banquet will also let people get together to celebrate Easter’s family theme.

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8. The Wedding Cake

You presumably know that the wedding cake is an important aspect of the overall concept and décor of the wedding. A cake isn’t only a treat for one day! So pay special attention to how your wedding cake is decorated to give your celebration a touch of Easter.

 Your Easter wedding cake might be topped with a cluster of small eggs or two bunnies kissing as a wedding topper. You may go for a basic single-tiered ombre cake with miniature eggs and blooms on top, or a three-tiered cake with plenty of moss and spring flower accents.

Source: Baking Mad

9. Petting Zoo

Without a visit from the Easter Bunny, no Easter-themed wedding would be complete! Animals are becoming more popular at weddings, and there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate them into your special day. 

As it’s Easter, the possibilities of children and family members participating in your big day are likely to be increased, so offer them something to look forward to and keep them entertained. 

A petting zoo with newborn bunnies are a  terrific way to commemorate Easter. Animals may make for some stunning wedding images, and who doesn’t adore a cute newborn rabbit?

Source: Gyan Gurung Photography

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