9 Unique Wedding centre-pieces for your Wedding

Traditional Wedding centrepieces can be beautiful. However, for the Bride that likes things a little left of centre, traditional centres just wont do. From the perfectly unique to the strangely bizarre here are 9 unconventional Wedding centrepieces

1. Bouquets of fruit and flowers

Think art from the Baroque period, but with a modern twist. Decorative fruit bouquets in Ancient Rome were a symbol of hospitality and a visual celebration of the season. So what better way to decorate your celebration than with gorgeously decadent fruit bouquets.

Image via : Doctor Cooper

2. Lots and lots of candles.

When more is definitely more candles are a great way of filling up space but keeping on a budget. Candles have a classically romantic feel but can be totally unique too. Styled with a balance of florals and geometric candle holders they make a perfect addition to Wedding centrepieces.

Image via : Melissa Andre Events

3. Bell Jars

Fairy lights in bell jars make the most beautifully whimsical Wedding centrepieces. With old charm these bell jars are perfectly fairytale but with a unique twist. Placed together in clusters of different sized jars, filled with flowers, baubles or anything in between they are sure to make a noteworthy touch to your Wedding.

Image via: Amazon

4. Books

For the lover of all things narrative, stacks of leather bound titles are a quirky way to decorate your Wedding. Since books come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours they make a complimentary addition to your Wedding theme or colour scheme. Not only do they make beautiful centrepieces, they provide entertainment for your guests!

Image via: Ready Luck

5. Champagne Towers

These precarious towers are beautiful and functional. A slightly eccentric take to a Wedding centrepiece, swap out your florals for balanced champagne glasses filled to the brim. What a way to delight and entertain your guests.

champagne tower


6. Tree Stumps

If you are more of a nature loving Bride, this bizarre but cute way to decorate ticks all the boxes. Perfect for decorating a Wedding with a more rustic or boho feel, tree stumps can be used as place mats for flowers or stacked on their own. Sprayed painted or dipped with glitter gives them an even more unique touch.

Image via: David Manning Photographers for A Good Affair

7. Paper Flowers

The choices are endless when it comes to paper flowers. Pick a type of flower, a colour and fold to your hearts content. A simple but ever-so-effective way to create a more modern Wedding centrepiece. Trendy but still very unique.

 Image via: Scissors and photographed by Lauren Gabrielle

8. Cotton Flowers

Having an all white Wedding? Ditch the everyday flowers and add a rustic touch with cotton flowers. These amazingly unique flowers bloom during March to June. This makes it perfect for a autumnal Wedding in a most unique way. Styled with hints of gold or silver, these flowers can be very glam.

Image via: Max Sparrow

9. Hanging centrepieces.

Centrepieces don’t have to sit in their traditional space. Hang your flowers, wreaths and decorative items from the ceiling instead for a not so traditional feel. Try monochrome to add an extra modern twist.

Image via : Colin Cowie Weddings


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