9 Tips And Tricks You Need To Know If You’re Having A Spring Wedding

Springtime – the sun is out and flowers are blooming, making it the perfect time to get hitched!

However, if you are considering tying the knot during this lovely season, there are few tips and tricks you need to consider first. You definitely don’t want to be unprepared for, let’s say, torrential rain. This is Australia, and you never know what you might expect!

1. Layer Up

Although the temperature is generally pleasant, spring is renowned for becoming really cold or really hot… really quickly! Bear this in mind and consider layering up over your wedding gown. A fur stole, a bolero or a leather jacket is a great way to keep warm as the sun sets.

2. Book Early

Spring is the most popular time of year for weddings, so if your heart is set on being a spring bride, make sure you book early. Popular venues can book out more than a year in advance, meaning you need to give plenty of notice to avoid disappointment.

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 3. Invest in Save-the-Dates

Not every wedding needs save-the-dates sent out before the invitations, but if you are planning a spring soiree, it’s best to invest. Spring is peak wedding season, so it’s essential that you let guests know the date of your Big Day before it gets snapped up by someone else.

4. Beware of Rain

Although spring has some of the nicest temperatures of the year, it can be notorious for its unpredictable rain storms. Make sure you have a back-up venue if you’re planning an outdoor wedding and bring a few umbrellas for guests just in case things get wet.


Image via Katie Harmsworth

5. Look Locally

When planning your spring wedding menu, consider opting for local produce. Some of the yummiest ingredients like bananas, lemons, artichoke, beetroot and fennel are all at their best during this season, meaning you and your guests will have fresh feast awaiting you when the reception starts.

6. Check the Sunset

Check what time the sun is going to set on your wedding day, as some of the most beautiful photos of the bride and groom are taken during this magical twilight hour.

7. Go Bright

There’s never a better time to embrace a myriad of colours than in spring! Whether you choose to stick with one signature hue, or have a rainbow of options in your colour palette, spring makes for some great combinations.

Image via Katie Harmsworth

8. Party Games

Lawn games like bocce, jumbo jenga and quoits are anything but tacky and a great way to keep guests entertained during your outdoor cocktail hour!

9. The Uninvited Guests

Spring is all about the birds and the bees… and that means you’ll probably have bugs at your outdoor ceremony. Look for some citronella candles and find some of the less offensive smelling bug spray to keep your invited guests pest-free.

Feature image via Katie Harmsworth

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