With relationships, there are two trains of thought when it comes to sharing. The first is ‘radical honesty’, where couples tell each other EVERYTHING that goes on in their life, from work, medical, friendships; their lives are an open book.

The second are the ‘tongue holders’; these couples are more aware about what they do and don’t say to their significant other.

Most relationship experts agree that a couple works best when there’s a balance of these two. The husband and wife should share intimate details with each other that they don’t share with anyone else, however there should still be aspects that aren’t divulged without serious consideration. For the wife, the could include secrets from your closest girlfriends, confidential issues someone has asked your advice or even what you really think about his favourite t-shirt (you know, the funky smelling one he’s had since he was in high school?).

Regardless, here a nine things you should never tell your hubby.

1. You’re Getting Fat

So, he’s really let himself go lately and what was once a six-pack is now a soft pillow. This situation requires you to proceed with extreme caution – how would you want to be approached if you were the one who’s put on a few extra kilos? Don’t outright tell him he’s fat; instead encourage him to join you at the gym or suggest going on a couple’s health kick. Whatever you do, do it together. 2

2. It’s Fine

We all know when you say ‘it’s fine’, that something is definitely, 100% not ok. Don’t ever just leave an issue festering, instead get it out in the open. Most of the time, he probably didn’t even realise there was something wrong, so confronting the problem will generally stop it from recurring in your relationship.

3. You Never…

Pick up your dirty clothes, do the grocery shopping, visit my parents with me. The list goes on and on. Confronting a problem by say “you never” instantly sets up a negative tone and can make your man defensive. Instead, make it about you. “I find it frustrating when I have to pick up your dirty clothes. Would you be willing to do the laundry once a week to help out?” It’s all about the compromise (thank us later).

4. Yes, I Did

If you’re telling your hubby you’ve reached the big ‘O’, when you haven’t – stop. If your not content with your sex life, you need to let him know so that you can both work to fix it.

5. You Need to Earn More

Broach this subject carefully, as men tend to define themselves by their ability to provide for a family. If you’re worried that he may be slacking off, or that he’s not earning enough, make a budget…together. There’s a very significant difference between being a career advisor and a wife.

6. I’ve Got a Crush On…

It’s completely normal to develop a little crush (I mean have you seen Channing Tatum in Magic Mike), but don’t feel guilty or like you need to share this with your husband. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating the beauty of the latest Hollywood movie star, or even the charm of the local plumber. This is only an issue if you take it a step further and act on the crush.

7. The D Word

Never (and we mean never) threaten to divorce your hubby unless you’re really ready to do it. It will lead to mistrust and insecurity in the relationship.

8. My Ex…

‘Was really muscly’, ‘had a great job’, ‘loved my butt’. No explanation needed; just don’t bring up the ex.

9. I Hate Your Mother

If his Mother is annoying you, keep it on the DL (down-low). It doesn’t matter if your hubby starts complaining about her, keep your mouth shut. 1

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