As the Editor of Wedded Wonderland, I thought I knew what to expect when it came to planning for my own Big Day, but I can honestly say that the rollercoaster of emotions you feel in the week leading up to the Wedding was completed unexpected.

Not only will you be emotional wreck, but there’ll be an almost endless list of last-minute tasks you’ll need to get through; so, it’s very important that you make a checklist. To help you get started, here’s our top 9 things to remember!

1. Rehearsal Dress Hire

It’s the second most important dress you’ll wear in the week of your Wedding, but so many Brides forget to organise their outfit for the rehearsal dinner! Be a savvy Bride-to-Be and hire a gorgeous dress, instead of splurging on a designer number that you might only wear once or twice. Jos from Dresses for Hire says that the rehearsal dress should show off your personality, “Use your rehearsal outfit to be a little bit cheeky and show-off your personality. Go for daring cuts, sharp silhouettes and statement prints!”

2 Images from Dresses for Hire

2. Confirm Suppliers

If you don’t have a Wedding planner, make sure you put together an excel sheet of all your suppliers and their contact mobile numbers. Hand this to a reliable friend or family member and ask them to call the supplier should anything go wrong on the Big Day.

3. Tan

You’ve book a spray tan… right? Lauren Capelin from Beach St Tanning says that a spray tan is one of the most important accessories to your Wedding day look! She recommends booking a spray tan test a few weeks before the Big Day, explaining “It’s important to test the product on your skin to rule out any unforeseen reactions and to check the colour against your gown.” After you’ve had your tan trial, book your final Wedding tan one or two days before the Big Day and moisturise once or twice a day post-tan to keep your skin glowing.

4. Pick a Lipstick

Yes, you’ll be getting your makeup done professionally, but make sure you pre-purchase the lipstick you want to wear on the Wedding day, because you’ll need this with your throughout the ceremony and reception for touch-ups! Some Brides even opt for two different lipsticks, a prettier, paler ‘day look’ for the ceremony and a darker, more dramatic ‘party look’ for the reception. We also recommend you buy a matching lip liner for your lipsticks, because you’ll be kissing, eating and drinking so much!

1Images from Instagram and Sisley

5. Nails

You need to book in to get your nails done for your Big Day! If you’re opting for a gel or shellac polish, you can afford to visit the salon two or three days before the Wedding, but if you’re having a traditional nail polish, try and book in as close to the Wedding date as possible (to minimise your risk of chipping!)

6. Clean Up Your Diet

In the week leading up to the Big Day, it’s so important to watch your diet to ensure you don’t break-out or have bloating on the Wedding! If you’re time-poor (what Bride isn’t), go for a soup and juice cleanse that will pack your body full of the nutrients it needs to keep you strong and healthy and won’t leave you hungry. Prodjuice has one, three and five day cleanses delivered to your home or office and because you won’t have to cook or shop, it makes it so much easier to resist any chocolate cravings.


7. Work It

It’s the final week before your Wedding, so don’t slack off on your work-outs! We recommend choosing a lighter exercise in the days before the Big Day; you want to work up a light sweat, but reduce risk of any injuries and bruises (sorry, cross-fit fans!). HYPOXI is the perfect option. It’s a low-impact exercise that uses vacuum and compression technology to target stubborn fat around the thighs, hips and butt.

5Images from Instagram and HYPOXI

8. Try On Your Shoes

If you can, try and pop on your Wedding shoes a few times in the week before your Big Day. Wear them for about half an hour around the house to allow the leather to stretch to your feet. If you find they are a bit tight, wear the shoes with a pair of socks (this will help them stretch even more) – trust us, your feet will thank you come the Wedding day!

9. Visit Your Jeweller

Don’t forget to visit your jeweller for a clean and shine of both your Wedding and Engagement ring. Most quality jewellers offer this ongoing service complimentary, so you can make use of it as much as you like!

4Images from rileygrey.com | wavygirlhairstyles.com | arabiaweddings.com  

Main image from Salpi and Hagop’s Wedding. Photography by Image Haus.

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