9 South Australian Hairstylists To Follow

Are you planning a wedding in South Australia? Do you desperately need a hairstylist? Then look no further!

We have put together a list of all the greatest hairstylist we could find in South Australia, all accessible at the touch of a button.

Big curls, flower crowns and gorgeous updos – these 9 hairstylists are exactly what you have been looking for!


No, she’s not the 2015 Bachelorette, but she is a WW member and a brilliant hairstylist. Sam Frost combines beautiful updos with gorgeous flowers, effortlessly creating the perfect bohemian bridal look.


With a large Instagram following, Hair by Bec is a master at what she does. Known for her abilities to produce stunning big curls and beautiful balayage, this hairstylist is perfect for a minimalist wedding look.


Located in Norwood, North Adelaide, this award-winning hair salon is known for its gorgeous wavy hairstyles. Orbe only hires the best of the best, so you are destined to find a fantastic bridal hairstylist you love.


Not only is this a fantastic bridal salon, it is Australia’s first Salon and Wine Bar. Miss Coiffure are fantastic colourists and stylists, known for creating beautiful curled looks that are suitable for any type of wedding.


Specialising in bridal hairstyles, Mat Johnson creates gorgeous looks that can be used for any kind of wedding. His use of stunning headpieces allows him to create a signature look that all brides love.


As bridal specialists, Crystal Terreu Hairstylists are in the know on all the hottest trends for 2018. With award-winning colouring, ombre’s and tape extensions, they have the ability to transform any hair type into a gorgeous bridal look.


This South Australian hairstylist has combined her love for curls and updos to create perfect glam bridal looks. Through word-of-mouth, Blush is becoming a growing sensation with their ability to create the best bridal experience.


Located in Stepney, Adelaide, this team of award-winning stylists pride themselves on being able to look after any type of hair for any type of wedding. Kinky, Curly, Straight were the winners of the 2015 Hair Expo Australian & New Zealand Salon of the Year award and 2015 South Australian Salon of the Year award.


Hair by Jaz prides herself on being a luxury hairstylist with affordable rates. Specialising in bridal looks, Jaz Taladoucon creates stunning hairstyles that incorporate modern day trends and personal preferences effortlessly.

Written by Ellen Kirkness 

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