You’re deciding whether your BFF is going to be your bridesmaid, but there is one thing holding you back – he ain’t no maid! Regardless of this fact, we are going to show you why having a male in your bridal party is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

1. Hard workers

If you ask your friend to be in your wedding party and he accepts, there is one thing we can guarantee he will be feeling – utterly honoured! Choosing him means he will go above and beyond to be there for you, because he won’t know what level the bar is at for a normal bridesmaid.

2. Impartial

When it comes to disputes within the bridal party, he will be the voice of reason and reconciliation. Coming from a different perspective, your male bridesmaid will listen to both sides and help come to a peaceful end.


Image from Vicky and Peter’s wedding. Photography by Imagehaus Weddings.

3. Green Isn’t Their Colour

Unlike some of the other ladies in your bridesmaid party, he won’t be one to get jealous of your marital position. A constant flurry of excitement and support will be his demeanor as he watches his best friend get married, and you’ll love him for it!

5. Versatile

On the day of your wedding he will not only be your bridesmaid, he can be your driver, your bodyguard, your umbrella holder and so much more. Flat tire? He’ll be all over it. Hungry? I’ve never met a man who can’t hunt and gather (or at least visit the closest Maccas).

6. An Extra Strong Hand

Who is strong enough to pick up all of the deceptively heavy wedding and bridesmaid gowns in one swift movement? Carry the cake? Or even lift you over a puddle so your dress doesn’t get dirty? You guessed it.


Image from Hanan and Hassan’s wedding. Photography by T-One Image.

7. Wingman

This one’s for all the single bridesmaids. If you’ve spotted a handsome groomsmen, you’ll be in need of a charming wingman to start the conversation. Enter your Male Maid.  He’ll be perfect for introducing you into the man-crew.

8. Insightful

Your male bridesmaid can provide a completely different perspective on all things wedding related and he’ll also tell it like it is. Whether it be the dress or the food, your BFF can give you a male perspective!


Asking someone to be by your side on your big day is an honour that many men don’t experience. The one’s that do? They’ll end up appreciating your friendship a whole lot more and you’re sure to cement the forever part in ‘BFFE’!


Image from Dani and Nathan’s wedding. Photography by Wedding Soul Story.

Main image from Vicky and Peter’s wedding. Photography by Imagehaus Weddings.

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