Whether it’s pun-tastic, OTT or big on the ‘shock value’, promposals are definitely huge right now. This is the way that all of our American friends score a date with the cute guy or girl in their high school class and for the under-18s, it’s the social event of the year.

No pressure.

These promposals have all blown us out of the water with their romance, creative thinking and humour – Cue the high school nostalgia!

1. Disney Delight

All the Disney fans, throw your hands in the air! This Walt Disney tribute made for a truly memorable promposal. Watch this guy sing his heart out and swoon, ladies.

[youtube id=”IcckJXpiXNg”]

2. Creative Crooners

A quintet with angelic voices and some sass to match is usually impressive enough to be get a ‘yes’ out of your date. Adding some Brian McKnight into the mix would probably make it a ‘Yasssss!’ Shoutout to the hype girl in the back. Her excitement is infectious, but her reaction is gold.

[youtube id=”Y8fWvP1GG_s”]

3. Double Man Date

When Anthony Martinez tweeted that he’d love a date to take a guy to prom (not to date in the long term, just to enjoy his prom like a regular kid), his tweet struck a chord with best mate Jacob Lescenski. Anthony walked in to this super sweet promposal the next morning at school. Yep, this one pretty much melted our hearts.

1Image from huffingtonpost.com

4. Serenading

It’s true. Fries really are the way to anyone’s heart. Well, that and Jason Mraz. Worked for Sofia!

[youtube id=”9-gwwP3latA”]

5. Dancing Queen

And just in case anyone was wondering what it looks like when girls give the promposal a go, here’s an idea. Everyone remembers the Harlem Shake, right? Well, get a load of Kathy Mayo showing us how it’s done. Josh Carandang sure appreciated it.

[youtube id=”X_-utzKXmpU”]

6. Sports Star Power

If all else fails, you could always get a pro baseball player to ask the big question for you. Vince Santoria did exactly that when he decided to stake out a spot in an autograph line after Cubs spring training. He managed to ask Julia Bertucci’s favorite player to hold this sign and tweeted it to her with the caption: “Hey @Juliabertucci13 I think Kris Bryant has a question for you.” PS. She said yes.

2Image from cbssports.com

7. Emotional Asking

Tiffany Gay, a special needs student suffering with Prader-Willi syndrome, was lured outside her Texas high school under the pretense of a routine fire drill. But once she spots her crush Luis Velasquez standing at the end of a student lined path holding a pink rose bouquet, she bursts into tears. Spoiler alert, he has a very important question for her.

[youtube id=”2gk_urx6K5o”]

8. Flash Mob

If all your friends are as uncoordinated as mine, you might have a hard time pulling this one off. But based on this lucky girl’s reaction, definitely worth giving it a go. Who doesn’t love a flashmob, right?

[youtube id=”CDCHd_38Sco”]

9. 1D Dance Moves

If all else fails, the group promposal is always an option. Safety in numbers, right? Watch these boys rock a One Direction number for five very lucky ladies. Obviously, they had to curb their enthusiasm.

[youtube id=”dtVVkUcvVnE”]

Main image from newsusauk.com

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