It doesn’t matter if you’re the Bride, in the Bridal Party or simply a guest, there’s no doubt you’ll be getting snapped more than Beyoncé at a paparazzi conference. Before you get met with dozens of Facebook or Instagram tags on photos you hate, take our expert tips to look flattering in every pic.


1. Go For Big Hair

Even if you’ve teased and curled from root to tip, photos can make your hair look flat. To avoid this scrunch your hair just before each photo to give your locks that Victoria’s Secret oomph.

2. The Chin Tilt

Tilt your chin slightly out and up, as this will avoid the double chin. Also, never get a photo if the camera lens is below your eye level as this will make you look much bigger than you are, so if you’re a tall girl, consider sitting for the photo.

3. Legs 11

For full-length shots, stand facing ¾ to the camera, as opposed to straight on. Position one leg in front of the other and put more weight on the back foot. This will elongate the front leg and make you look slimmer.3

4. Elbows Out

Position you elbows slightly away from your waist to create a small, flattering triangle gap between the two. Be careful, if you overdo this one, you’ll look like you’re in the middle of the Chicken Dance!

5. Grin it Out

You’ll likely get tired of smiling throughout the day, which can lead to your grin looking fake. An insider trick is to push your tongue against the top front of your mouth, this will lift your cheeks up and make it look like a real smile.

6. Follow the Light

Light is your friend! When you’re outside, position yourself so that the sun is facing you. The brighter the light hitting your face, the more flattering it is. Darkness will result in shadows on your face which can make you look older and tired.1

7. Don’t Leave Em’ Hanging

It can look really awkward when you pose with your arms straight by your sides, but often girls don’t know where to put them! The tip is to use your outfit or accessories. Place your hands in pockets, put them on your hips or hold a glass of champagne.

8. Blink and You’ll Miss

To give yourself a beautiful, awake look, take a glimpse into a bright light just before the photo is take. This will shrink your pupils and help avoid red eye.

9. Makeup Perfection

For photos, heavy mascara and bright blush works wonders. The blush makes your face 3 dimensional, while the mascara opens up the eye. Steer clear of too much shimmer, though; otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a Christmas bauble!2

Main image from Zeynep and Alkan’s pre-wedding shoot. Photography by Iki Hayat Bir Kare

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