We love the idea of an unconventional wedding theme, especially one that hasn’t been done to death. But, reinventing the wheel isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Undeniably, the best themes are ones that both Bride and Groom connect with, whether it draws upon common interests, hobbies or passions.

Some are quirky, some are fun and some are just…weird. Check it out and see if you want to pull any of these off on your Big Day, Fairies.

1. ‘Farm-to-Table’ Theme

Think organic menus with a focus on whole foods and fresh produce. This could also be a great way to support local caterers/restaurants who share similar views on sourcing fresh, local ingredients. You can also consider cute bomboniere options like mini potted herbs and sachets of seedlings. This theme will surely create a celebration that’s rooted in love!

2. Tandem Bike Theme

Not only are tandem bikes super adorable, but they also embody the idea that two are now one. Plus, there’s so many cute ways to incorporate the idea into everything, from place cards to cake toppers. Potentially the best way to make an entrance at your reception too.

3. Music Festival Theme

Music festivals are so popular these days, so much so that everyone’s pretty much familiar with what’s involved. This theme would work especially well if you and your fiancée actually met at music festival, or even if you both share a passion for music. Feel free to personalise your theme to include all the songs and artists you both love.

musicImage from huffingtonpost.com

4. Jack and Rose Theme

No theme says undying love like a ‘Jack and Rose’ themed Wedding and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a guest that’s never heard of the film Titanic. Rose’s sapphire blue pendant could double as the Bride’s something blue, or a sketch artist could even be available for guest portraits during the reception.

5. Glamping Theme

Few Brides want to have to camp out for their Wedding, but some Grooms might be super passionate about the outdoors. We’d like to think glamping is the perfect compromise. Tents and muted lighting can be very chic when styled to perfection.

6. Crayola Theme

Why limit yourself to pastels or black and white when you can embrace the entire colour spectrum, right? A rainbow fest is probably what you’re imagining, Fairies but, there are so many subtle ways to inject colour into your Big Day. I mean, colour coordinated converse for Groomsmen? Too cute.

crayolaImage from socialandpersonalweddings.ie

7. Flamingo Theme

Hey, we heard that scoff! Like “Flamingoes? Really?!” But withhold judgment until you see someone go to town with this theme. It’s actually a lot more manageable than you’d think. By the way, it takes a very strong Groom to rock a flamingo themed party. Kudos to him.

8. Vintage Pool Party Theme

All the fun of a destination wedding with the all the outfit potential of a vintage/retro party, a vintage pool party theme may just tick all the boxes. Fun venue? Check. Great location for photos? Check. Casual, comfy outfits? Double check!

9. Beyoncé Theme

Yes, this is a legitimate theme. But you’ll have to do more than serve lemonade if you want to rock it like a pro. Draw on her film clips to inspire your decor, styling or even a surprise dance!

[youtube id=”L1hyI1j7IHo”]

Main image from Lara and Samuel’s Wedding. Photography by Samuel Goh.

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