To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve trawled through all of the Weddings we’ve featured since the end of last year to give you nine of the most swoon-worthy, knee-buckling, heart-poundingly good Bride and Groom kisses we’ve seen.

1. Gabriella and Jordan’s Wedding

MAIN Gabriella and Jordan's wedding. Photography by Image Haus WeddingsPhotography by Image Haus Weddings

2. Elizabeth and Anthony’s Wedding

MAIN Elizabeth and Anthony's wedding. Photography by Studio ImpressionsPhotography by Studio Impressions

3. Tara and Nick’s Wedding

MAIN Tara and Nick's wedding. Photography by Istyle PhotographyPhotography by Istyle Photography

4. Chantal and Andreas’ Wedding

MAIN_Chantal and Andreas' wedding. Photography by D’amico PhotographyPhotography by D’amico Photography

5. Elle and Demosthenes’ Wedding

MAIN Elle and Demosthenes' wedding. Photography by  Enchanted Wedding PhotographyPhotography by  Enchanted Wedding Photography

6. Mia and Jarred’s Wedding

MAIN Mia and Jarred's wedding. Photography by Julia WinklerPhotography by Julia Winkler

7. Michael and Kirra’s Wedding

MAINMichael and Kirra's wedding. Photography by Milque PhotographyPhotography by Milque Photography

8. Lilian and Shunt’s Wedding

MAINLilian and Shunt's wedding. Photography by  Christopher George PhotographyPhotography by Christopher George Photography

9. Rachel and Trent’s Wedding

MAIN Rachel and Trent's wedding. Photography by Doux Wedding CorpPhotography by Doux Wedding Corp

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