If you’re like me, constantly trawling social media to get the latest celebrity wedding pics, you’ll understand how important the décor is to achieving a refined look. One ugly piece of wall art can take your reception from glam to garish – a social suicide for an event of Hollywood proportions!

Cem and Ann from Harbourside Decorators are some of Australia’s most respected event experts, providing styling assistance and décor hire for celebrity weddings, the Magic Millions Race and Prix de Marie Claire launch party and they’ve spilled the secrets on the 9 décor essentials you need to create your own superstar wedding.

1. Beautiful Chairs

Sorry fairies, but nothing is more outdated than chair covers and sashes. Tiffany chairs are becoming the norm, so try choosing a more unique chair that works with your theme. The right chairs can dramatically impact on the overall room styling.


2. Upgrade

Celebrity weddings are all about the personalised touch and attention to detail. With your own wedding, bear in mind that almost every single aspect of the styling can be changed to give flair. From linen and napkins to lighting, this is your chance to introduce a colour or texture into the venue.

3. Cutlery

Don’t underestimate the importance of good quality cutlery. Gold cutlery will make a huge impact, it brings an opulent, luxury feel to the event and your guests will feel like kings and queens dining with them.


4. Charger plates

It can’t be a Hollywood wedding without a charger plate. These large plates sit below the food plate and serve as a decorative base. They enhance the table settings and take your event up to the next level.


5. Glassware

Don’t settle for basic glassware! Guests will be using the glasses throughout the entire night, carrying them around as they mingle and dance and ensuring they are drinking from glasses that match the theme of the wedding will tie the entire event styling and photography together.


6. Kings’ Tables

Kings’ tables are one of the biggest trends of 2015. They’re grand, lavish and they allow you to create VIP tables for your family and the bridal party. If you’re having a big wedding, then 30-50 tables of the same arrangement can become monotonous; instead change up the table shapes and centrepieces to create something more visually interesting.

7. Wow Factor

Celebrities don’t do things by halves – and neither should you. Pick a ‘wow factor’ and create something that will serve as a focal centrepiece. This will be the thing that your guests will remember for years to come. It could be cherry blossom trees, a giant floral chandelier or a dramatic bridal table backdrop.


8. Chandeliers

Take a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s wedding. You can never have too many chandeliers.


9. Floral

My advice? The bigger the better.


Harbourside Decorators was founded by Cem and Ann who, after noticing a gap in the market for personalised service in the wedding industry, started Harbourside to provide brides with a range of outside the box luxury decorative items. They now specialise in corporate and large scale wedding styling décor and work closely with Wedding Stylists and Planners such as Nightingales Weddings and Diane Khoury Events to supply high quality event products for their luxury weddings.

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