9 Creative and Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

The season may be changing, but at Wedded Wonderland, things are still heating up!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so we’d love to share our delicious ideas on what to actually do for your partner or friend.

Check out these ‘think outside the square’ tips to really impress that special somebody!

1. Love Under The Stars

Ahh.. a night under the stars at The Springs

Indulge in a two course meal with some bubbly, live entertainment and a movie under the stars!

For bookings and more information, check out this star studded event here

What’s cuter than a couple sharing a meal in the park?




2. Recreate the First Date

Ah, memory lane. For those who want to cherish the moment, re-live it by recreating the first date. This could be a restaurant, night club or even cinema! A fun and sentimental idea indeed.

Furst date ideas:

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3. Movie Marathon

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples you know. Spending time watching movies with friends or pets is a fabulous idea to do.

Valentine's Day Movie Marathon:

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4. Treat Yourself

Another fantastic idea! Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get your hair and nails done! Even sipping a glass of wine will make all your troubles bubble away. You deserve it, right?

Red Heart Tip Stiletto Nails.:

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5. Cooking Classes

Booking a cooking class will guarantee a romantic yet hilarious time in each others company. Just don’t burn anything.

cooking together=best Friday night plans, ever.:

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6. Plan a Surprise Trip

We don’t mean Paris, but a surprise getaway to the countryside or mountains might just be the thing.

Love Cave - Australia:

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7. Get Lost in the City

Wandering about the city could lead to unexpected adventures! Tag your partner along for the ride and enjoy the town experience.

new york photographer, manhattan, soho, engagement, sex in the city, couples, in love, ©Gabe McClintock Photography | www.blog.gabemcclintoc...:

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8. A Scavenger Hunt

We love this! You may have seen it in movies, but preparing a planned scavenger hunt for your partner is a great way to show your love. Hide photos, send clues, the rules are endless.

Take them for a joy ride!

7 romantic scavenger hunt clues for couples to lead each other to a Valentine gift, weekend getaway, or any "just because I love you" surprise.:

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9. Dance Lessons

Put on your tap shoes!

Have the time of your life learning how to dance the tango. Salsa or dirty dancing wouldn’t hurt either..

couple dancing as the suns sets:

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