When planning your special day, it’s easy to get caught up with all the superstitions, fuss and tradition (especially when your family’s involved!). We’re here to announce that you can kiss these common pressures goodbye and save yourself the headache.

We may not be official MythBusters, but we have definitely busted these top eight wedding myths!

1. “Cheap is Just as Good as Expensive”

It’s the story of our lives … Mum, Aunty, Granny (and basically your whole family!), drilling into your head that ‘bargaining is the way to go.’ While we do admit it has saved us enough money to dish out on a pair of Louboutins or two, there are certain items you just can’t take a risk for.

Just because one wedding dress is $200 and another is $2000, it doesn’t mean the latter is a rip off. The quality, manufacturing, design, fabrics and craftsmanship are all factors that dictate the price of a wedding gown. We’re not saying pricey is always the right decision, but quality is.

No one wants a button-popping, stitch-ripping disaster on their wedding day!


Image from Christina and Jean’s wedding. Photography by Bright Light Image.

2. “It’s all about YOU”

Bridezillas. We know them, we’re scared of them and we sure don’t want to be them!

Your bridesmaids didn’t sign up for hidden terms and conditions which include starving themselves, fetching your dry-cleaning and making your restaurant reservations.

Everyone knows that this is your day, but this doesn’t give you a green light to unleash all of your bottled-up stress and frustration to the world.

3. “Everything Needs to Be Perfect”

When people say ‘everything was perfect’, that doesn’t mean nothing went wrong.  Brides try to make their wedding perfect the same way they try to make their winged eyeliner identical, but truth is, it’s never without the company of a few mishaps.

No amount of detailed schedules, last-minute phone calls and rehearsals can disaster-proof your wedding, so ladies, it’s best to accept it sooner rather than later. Remember your wedding is about love and the joining of two souls. Does the wrong shade of pink florals, a song mix-up or the order of speeches really deserve a hissy fit? Didn’t think so.

4. “You Have to Look the Most Beautiful You’ve Ever Been”

If dressing to impress was a sport, we’d be Olympians and on your big day, the pressure to look your best is huge.

Don’t let this get to you! The more pressure you put on yourself, the less you’ll be satisfied. You’ll be the only one wearing a gorgeous wedding gown and that alone is enough to transform anyone into breathtaking!


Image from Hanan and Hassan’s wedding. Photography by T-One Image.

5. “You Have to Wear a White Wedding Dress”

Weddings and white go together better than strawberries and chocolate (which is a huge call). White is the traditional colour of purity and innocence which explains why brides favour this hue on their wedding day; however, in an age where there’s an abundance of cuts, styles, laces, beadings and even colours – How can a girl just stick to white?

It’s perfectly normal for a bride to wear ivory or cream and you can even push the boundaries a little with beige or pastel shades. Perhaps a dusty pink or faded baby blue?

Contemporary designers are crafting wedding gowns with bold colours that include daring reds and royal golds, so if you want to experiment, now is the perfect time.

6. “Replacing Professionals With Friends or Family Will Save You Money”

You might think you’re saving money; we think it’s a recipe for disaster.

Your friend’s Instagram account may be on fire, but that doesn’t make her capable of capturing the special moments of your wedding day (first dance, cake cutting, vows etc!). Your aunty may make an amazing roast, but that doesn’t mean she can bake your wedding cake from scratch.

There’s no doubt you’ll be saving some serious dough, but there’s a chance you might not receive what you expected in return. We think having your loved ones contribute to your special day is a sentimental gesture but if they’re not professional, reserve their efforts for some less daunting tasks.


Image from Dani and Nathan’a wedding. Photography by Wedding Soul Story.

7.”Wedding Planners are too Expensive”

If you’re wanting a cake swing, helicopter entrance, ballerina or trapeze dancers hanging from the ceiling, a wedding planner is your first stop.

Think of it as a fairy godmother, but for weddings!

If you have elaborate fantasies for how you want your special day to be, wedding planners communicate with many vendors and have all the connections ready on speed dial.

The best thing? They’ll plan all elements within the confines of your budget and can also save you thousands.

8. “Wedding Food Always Tastes Bad”

Gone are the days of dry sponge cake, cold finger rolls and bland lettuce salad. Steak and mash isn’t the only dish on the menu anymore. Think: gourmet canapés and cute pastries that will have your taste buds going wild.

There are now a variety of caterers who specialise in delicious food services for buffets, formal dinners and desserts. Plus, they’re all delivered fresh! Happy stomachs = happy guests, remember that!


Image from Widyan and Hussein’s wedding. Photography by Charlie Coe Photo.

Main image from Kristy and Sam’s wedding. Photography by Doux Wedding Corp.

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