Some wedding trends we wish would stay around longer (doughnut cakes, anyone) and others we wish never saw the light of day. These eight trends are part of the latter group, because as much as we’d like to jump aboard the ‘trend train’, they’re just too outrageous for our liking.

1. Plastic Surgery For Your Hand

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best for your Big Day, but getting hand surgery to make your fingers smoother and more youthful seems a bit over the top.hand

2. Robot Celebrants

Some couples in the USA and Japan have opted to use robots to officiate their marriage, but nothing beats the connection and emotion of having a human leading you and your husband in the vows.

3. The Bridesmaid Butt Shot

The photos with your bridesmaids are a chance to get silly and capture the relationship you have with each of your best friends; however, there is such thing as too cheeky. Lately, bridesmaids have been flashing their buttocks to the camera. Not classy, girls, not classy.


Image from themotherish.com

4. The Skin Dress

We’re all for brides opting to showing a little skin on their wedding day. Most of us spend months before the wedding upping our gym routine and watching what we eat – why not show if off? However, there is a limit on how low you should go and this season, we’ve seen a bit too much skin and not quite enough fabric. Anything that would make your Grandma blush is too much.

5. Photoshopping

We have seen some shockers. Say ‘no’ to any photoshopping outside the following edits: smoothing skin, fixing lighting and slimming arms.


Image from valwestoverphotography.com

6. Novelty Cake Toppers

This trend must be used with caution, because it can go from funny to tacky faster than you can say ‘I do’.

7. Mid-Ceremony Facebook Updates

As much as we love social media (@weddedwonderland), we will never be OK with couples stopping mid-ceremony to update their Facebook status.

8. 50 Shades of Photoshoot

We don’t care how amazing your photography is, if they ask you and your new husband to remove clothing or partake in any activity in front of the camera that is above a PG-rating, it’s not appropriate for a wedding album.

Main image from rsvlts.com

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