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Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things a girl can do, and whilst we all love to think we have it under control, sometimes we can get a little cray-cray. If you’re concerned that being a bride may have turned you from Taylor Swift to Mariah Carey (aka Diva), read through these signs and see whether it sounds like you.

1. You Can’t Think of Any Other Conversation Starters

We get it. Your wedding is going to be exquisite, the wedding of the century, a day to be remembered, better than the Kimye wedding (blah, blah, blah). That’s great and all, but when you get to the point that you actually can’t have a conversation without dropping the word ‘wedding’, it’s time to admit you have a problem.

2. You Find Yourself Yelling at Suppliers

You promised yourself you’d never be ‘that’ bride, but lately you’ve found yourself being rude to suppliers. Arriving late to appointments, raising your voice over the phone and arguing over minor issues are signs that you’ve crossed the line into bridezilla territory.


3. You’ve Forced Your Best Friends to Wear a Colour They Hate

You’ve always wanted what’s best for your besties, right? If you’ve put the bridesmaids in something they hate, it might be time to rethink your decision. A dress is probably not worth losing a friendship over.

4. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Ate

We all want to look like Miranda Kerr on our wedding day and cutting out unhealthy treats is fine. But, there’s a difference between eating well and starving yourself. No-one likes a hangry bride; so bypass the silly diets and up the fitness routine instead.

5. You Feel Hormonal 24/7

Have you been feeling like you’ve got PMS, all day, every day? If you’re snapping at loved ones and being impossible to please, you might be suffering from wedding hormones (completely unscientific, but totally real). Get a massage, take a yoga class and take some ‘you’ time – everyone will thank you for it!


6. You Missed Your Brother/Mum/Aunt’s Birthday

Things can get frantic as the wedding gets closer, but make sure you aren’t forgetting about those important people in your life, especially your fiancé and family, they still need your love and attention.

7. You’ve Made ‘Rules’ For the Bridal Party

Nobody likes a party pooper, so don’t be the person that ruins what can be such a fun day with strict rules like banning your bridal party from drinking alcohol or dying their hair.

8. You’ve Blown the Wedding Budget on Yourself

If you’ve spent the entire wedding budget on your gown, makeup and hair, it’s time to rethink your strategy. The day is not just about you, it’s about your fiancé, friends and family. Share the love (and the budget)!



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