7 Wedding Photography Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Getting the perfect wedding photos is extremely important. Knowing what mistakes to avoid in the lead up and during your wedding is even more important. We spoke to wedding photographer Carmen Hickey about mistakes brides and grooms can make when it comes to capturing their wedding day, and everything they can do to avoid being disappointed.

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Not Doing Your Research

In our social media age, people tend to throw around titles like they’re juggling. It’s super important once you’ve started narrowing down your list of preferred photographers that you do the necessary background research on them.

“There are so many people calling themselves photographers with no training or experience. Ensure you have researched your photographer and that they have relevant experience.”

By not doing your research, you’re also putting yourself at risk of losing out on value as hidden costs may not always be factored in. Understand what “everything included” actually entails.

Not Developing A Rapport With Your Photographer

They’re capturing private moments on your special day, so getting to know your photographer – and vice versa – is extremely important. Carmen suggests meeting beforehand, but if this isn’t possible using FaceTime or similar will also do.

“Some photographers (including myself) are gifted at making people feel at ease in situations. Sometimes I will meet a bride but not the groom, however when we start photographing on the wedding day, I ensure that the groom is immediately at ease and enjoying the experience as some men don’t like their photos being taken.”

Not Letting The Photographer Know What You Like

“Communication is essential …  a bride may have a fabulous Pinterest board for inspiration but unless that is communicated with the photographer, they won’t be aware of her vibe and style.”

It’s super important to determine what your wedding photography style is – your photographer can’t read minds, so they will need a little bit of direction if you’re going to be happy with the outcome.

Not Making A List Of Requirements

By this, we don’t mean taking control Bridezilla-style. It’s good to have a general outline of what is expected or what you would like to see, but you also need to have enough confidence that your photographer will only get the absolute best photos for you.

Carmen suggests a list of family members (“like a grandparent – those moments are very special to both the bride & groom and family members”) and understanding family dynamics to avoid any awkward moments, meaning being aware of blended families and anyone who may not get along. Your list can also include sentimental items.

Not Creating (Or Sticking To) A Schedule

“I’m a big believer that all parties involved should know the order of events to ensure the day runs smoothly. A lot of time and money is spent on elements being perfect, so if a photographer decides to keep the couple over time, this has a flow on effect to other vendors.”

A schedule also helps in case of bad weather and alternative options should it rain.

Having Your Guests Get In The Way Of The Photographer

Maybe this isn’t necessarily your mistake, but having “amateur photographers” get in the way of your professional photographer doesn’t help anyone – in one of Carmen’s cases, a bridesmaid had taken a photo of the bride and uploaded it to Facebook before the wedding, which the groom accidentally came across. Both you and your guests need to be able to let the photographer do their job and understand that they will get the job done (and well).

“I’m a huge believer in people need to be “present” – trust the photographers will capture the memories.”

Believing Anything Can Be Photoshopped

While your photographer certainly can work their magic behind the lens, they’re not actual wizards, so always be aware that not everything can be fixed with Photoshop.

“I’m a huge believer in minimal enhancement. I’m happy to spot out an unwanted pimple, however I’m not going to completely alter the way you look. Instead, I’m going to give you your best angles and light you in a way which will give you your optimal look.”

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