Food is a huge part of any event, and Weddings are no exception. Well-fed guests play a huge part in the success of the Wedding day. So why not get creative while you’re at it?

Here’s a few ideas that will revamp your traditional wedding feed.

1. Cake Alternatives

In place of the typical Wedding cake, consider having cake pop towers, strawberry towers or even a gourmet cheese wheel cake if you’ve got a more savory palate.

cheeseImage from James and Irene’s Vow Renewal. Photography by Micahla Wilson.

2. DIY Cocktail Bars

Yes, it’s real. Make-your-own cocktail bars are actually a thing! Consider setting up a station with all the ingredients to create the Bride and Groom’s favourite concoctions and don’t forget to leave a little notebook on the bar for guests to pass on their recipes to the couple.

cocktail 2Image from Elegant Tea Time’s launch. Photography by Photography By Sandra.

3. Food Trucks

Come on, everyone loves food trucks. And what better way for a quirky couple to share their favourite dishes with their nearest and dearest? Bear in mind though, it’s probably worth checking that your venue has the facilities for these – and also be careful of any guests who might have a food allergy!

food truckImage from www.unitedwithlove.com

4. Buffet Stations

Plenty of caterers offer buffet stations as an option a popular and affordable option for Weddings. From salad stations to dessert tables, barbecue bars and everything in between, buffet stations are a really flexible option for couples to tailor their own personal menu.

buffetImage from Elegant Tea Time’s launch. Photography by Photography By Sandra.

5. Entertaining Food

Think food meets entertainment… Specialised chefs that turn your meal prep into a show are a sure way to keep your guests entertained while they wait for their food. Teppanyaki chefs and sushi masters are always crowd pleasers.

entertainmentImage from nzhearld.nz

6. Themed Menus

There’s always room to extend your theme to your menu. Consider having a Mexican-themed menu or a seafood spread to match your nautical theme, or even a traditional cultural feast to match the location of a destination Wedding. Get creative, Fairies!

themeImage from Chef’s About Catering.

7. Brunch vs. Dinner

In the case of a morning ceremony or a midday wedding, you might find yourself catering for a whole different food slot than the traditional four-course dinner. Brunch is our answer to everything. Morning mimosas, bite-sized pancakes and crispy bacon? Ugh, be still my beating heart.

brunchImage from Jessica and Dean’s Wedding. Photography by MaxPinitpong Photography.

Main image from Olivia and Stefano’s Wedding. Photography by Cinzia Bruschini.

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