7 ways to make your Wedding kiss a fairytale finish

You’ve made it down the aisle without falling flat on your face and managed to get through your vows without becoming a blubbering mess; but, you’re not in the clear just yet. There is still the ever-important embrace that finishes off the ceremony – your first kiss as husband wife.

Don’t fret, we’ve puckered up and put together seven ways to help you listed some tips to help you have the perfect kiss.

1. Keep the Hands off the Goods

At this point of the ceremony, you’re probably surging with passion for your debonair looking groom, but keep the kiss G-rated. You’re grandparents don’t want to see tongue and any saliva is a serious no-no.

2. “You Had Your Eyes Wide Open, Why Were They Open?”

The guests and everyone who sees your wedding photos will be asking the same question that Bruno Mars did if you get too excited and forget to close your eyes during the first kiss. Keep the peepers closed, people.


Image from Rachelle and Ossie’s wedding. Photography by Jayde Photography

3. Keep it Real, Sista

We all want our wedding kiss to look like a scene out of a rom-com, but don’t try to fake it. Be as natural as possible and it will look much better, we promise.

4. Remember the Hips, as Well as the Lips

This may sound obvious, but make sure you get close to him. Nothing looks worse than a first kiss where the bride and grooms lips are connected, but their bodies are almost at opposite ends of the church.

5. Don’t be Cheesy

If you’re thinking of attempting a backbend kiss, a la’ Pepe Le Pew  – don’t. Any maneuver that could possibly result in a visit to the emergency room shouldn’t be attempted on your wedding day.

6. Don’t Underestimate the Peck

If you’re still not feeling confident that your first kiss will go down without a hitch, then you can always opt for a simple peck. It’s inoffensive, fool-proof and a solid option for couple’s who haven’t yet practiced the art of the kiss – just make sure you let your man know so he doesn’t go in for the kill!

7. Enjoy

Despite all the nerves and awkward stories you’ve heard about wedding kisses, you need to remember to take in the moment. You have just married the love of your life and all you need to do is seal it with a kiss.

You may now kiss your groom.


Image from Dianne and Greg’s wedding. Photography by Ryan Ortega Photography.

Main image from Hanan and Hassan’s wedding. Photography by T-One Image.

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